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youtube keep pausing


It’s been having this bug, where any type of audio or media would just randomly pause and it doesn’t matter if your phone is locked if your screen is on or off any type of music will just this bug this first version is where your music pauses when your phone is locked and then there’s the second version or anything that plays sound like from youtube.

You could be watching youtube in the video we literally pause for no reason so the first version is not really a bug you just have to check your optimized apps and your sleeping apps.

If when you lock your phone, and you are facing that, your YouTube music is pausing then, its an issue in your settings, if you go to setting and see “glace mode” then just go ahead and turn this off in your settings.


You need to go to your settings so once you get to your settings the first thing you want to do is look up sleeping apps so it’s a type of little magnifying glass and then look up sleeping apps and you want to click on that and then once get to sleeping apps will see if the music app that you’re using to listen to music is on and if it’s on here you want to take it off so press the little trash can and then go next to whatever app you are using like Spotify for example and press remove and once you have done with that now you want to the next step.

The next step which is checking your optimized apps so you want to look up optimize battery usage also optimize you look up optimizing it should be the first option then you want to click on that and they will show you the little special access page optimize battery usage first you want to make sure it’s all is set to all and then you want to look for the app again whatever you are using in my case fire and as you can see Spotify is being optimized so you want to turn that off so that should settle it for the first version.

Now for the second version were gonna have to do little bit more work and buy a little bit more work means you have to clear the cache on that app and reinstall it so make sure you remember your account information of the app that keeps pausing because you will probably have to resign into it.

Go back to your settings and then you want to go on apps and then you want to find the app that posits for you and we just look you are up and then you want to storage on the app and then you want to clear the cache once you clear the cache you want to uninstall it, go back and then press uninstall and then you can just go in the Playstore find the app and then reinstall it and if you have multiple apps that keep pausing for you will have to reinstall repeat that whole process of clearing cache and reinstalling until you don’t have any more house like it wasn’t for you.

So if you’ve done both the versions and your music is still pausing or your video are keep pausing one of the screens on were gonna have to go to into the Android system recovery and clear cache from there now.

Once we clear cache well probably have to uninstall the apps and clean the cache again but if you are using the phone that you are having the problem on you will probably want to write this down somewhere unless you know how to navigate the Android system recovery menu and how you get to the entrance system recovery menu is first thing turn off your phone once your phone is off you want to press the volume up the key the bigs by key in the parky all together and then you want to keep holding it until you see the Android logo and then you can let go.

Once you see the little Android logo after a little while you will get a little installing system update message for a few seconds before the recovery menu appears and then when the recovery menu appears you navigate using the volume button so press the volume key until wipe cache partition is highlighted you see it and then you have to press your power button to select it and then you have to press volume down key again to highlight yes and then press the power key again to select it, reboot system now is highlighted and then you have to press the device and then after you clear your cache and recovery system you have to redo it the steps where you clear the cache from your app and then uninstall.

YouTube Keep Pausing

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