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By | October 8, 2022
Online video editor invideo

15 Things You Should Know About Invideo.

Today we are sharing with you the best free online video editor. As we know that video is a powerful medium for branding your product, it also provides information about your product.

Not only this but also the video is Content itself. Like images and text, you can create the backlinks using the video.

You can not create the same article and post it on your blog, you also can not post the same image on daily basis, but you can create 10 videos by analysing the same article and post it on social media.

Many #finfluencer are creating great 15 seconds content on TikTok and on Instagram.

Tennessee, A 25-year-old TikToker, who is a full-time Finfluencer, mainly post videos about finance-related stuff, earns 4000$ to 5000$ per post.

He achieves this success only by working for 3 months on TikTok, as generation z is active on Tiktok.

These TikToker mainly uses online video editing tools like Invideo, which they use to create stunning videos using this really easy to use the tool.

Just drag and drop, and your video will be created in seconds.

Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Online Video Editor Invideo

As I said, video is a powerful medium, the audience engages more in videos comparing to text. We have an example like the revolutionary app TikTok, many peoples across the world learning tons of new things.

Videos attract millions of people, but the main problem is that the video editors are costly and normal creators will not afford at least in the primary stage. And the professional help is costly.

If you get the professional online tool for free then? So, today we will review a tool that will provide the best professional video editing for free.

So, basically, you need a powerful free solution to edit a video by using this, you can make money, earn money and will be the next influencer like these people.

How to Make Interesting Videos in Minutes using InVideo

Both amateurs and experts will find it simple to utilise InVideo, and the service even offers a free plan.

It’s a common misconception that video editing is a really challenging profession. If you utilise the correct tools, you may easily create high-quality movies for social media platforms. You can quickly master the process of creating them with the help of InVideo.

Making a high-quality video doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Using InVideo to edit your movies is a snap, whether you’re importing your own recordings or combining them with preexisting text and stock material. Find out how this tool may assist you.

Reasons Why InVideo Is a Breeze to Use

Thanks to being cloud-based, InVideo is a breeze to use. Simply opening a browser, going to the InVideo website, and getting to work is the gist of the process.

You have the option of starting with a blank canvas, browsing through premade templates, or using the text-to-video converter. If you’re just starting off, it’s best to use a template and tweak it to fit your requirements.

Anyone may benefit from using InVideo since it is so easy to make commercials, promotions, presentations, and testimonials.

Online video editor invideo
Online video editor invideo

Things To Know About Invideo

Invideo will turn your articles into videos, you can use invideo, to create social media post.


So, we will also get an idea about how to create professional videos using video.

So, if you want to use the invideo, then click on this link. After that, you have to signup using your Google account or you can sign up using Facebook.

Invideo gives your two options, if you have a news website then you can choose the option ‘I want to convert the article to video it means Create a video with article, blog or script.

If you want to create a video for Youtube, TikTok or Facebook, or for any social media, then choose this option.

We are selecting the first option here. i.e If you want to convert the article to a video. After that, Pick any theme you like and but before that, choose your video size. Like select, if you want wide or landscape or if want size like portrait mode WhatsApp stories or want to post on Instagram then select accordingly.


To edit an image is easy, we just need to crop it, but to edit a video is hard, so, as shown in the image in the upper right corner, select “All Ratios” and chose the size you want.


I am selecting a 1: 1 square shape. I am selecting the “Regal Template” here. I like it.


Then click on select this template option. Here you have to choose the headline, you will see two options, you can copy and paste the URL it will convert the URL and create a video for you.


Or you can choose the text manually, personally, I will write my own content here. The reason behind that is, If I use the full article then it shows too much text and made the video look bad.

Now, you can see, in this picture, we have written some text here, the main thing about this Online video editor Invideo is, it will suggest you the Images and videos automatically.

You will see at the bottom, “Auto-suggest Images and videos” just make sure, that this auto-suggest box is tick marked.

Then click “Next” As you see, it is by default create a headline for you. You can choose, it for the Headline, Story, Quote, Question or Social.


You can see a video in the background, if you are willing to change the video, then simply choose any video from the left side gallery.

You can choose the keywords according, the video must be impactful, so I must say, use “keywords” and choose the videos, or images according to the subject.


Always remember that professional video editors always say that, a video is not about the special effects, animation or style it is about “How you can show your script, using the right effects”

You can take an example of the advertisers, in a short span they create an attention-grabbing powerful ad.

If you are living in the United States or In India, you can select the customer focus images and videos to target the demographic audience.

Just drag and drop the images you like, you can choose the images, according to the subject.

If you want to create the Invideo, using your own personal images then invideo providing an option to upload your own images or videos here.

This is an automatic process, but if you want to set the “Text” or animation position manually then just, click on the “Edit” option and drag the text accordingly.

Here you will see, the crop option and also, you can trim or adjust the volume accordingly.


If want to change the text style, aliment and colour then you can see many fonts and styles here. Just select accordingly.

If you want to add a voice-over to the video then you will see an option for this. So, for that, you have to click on the “Advanced” tab and in the editing option, you will see a “Microphone” option in the timeline, with the add text feature.

You will see two options, if you want to upload a voice over from your computer or mobile, then you can upload it or you can record it on the go.

And another amazing feature about this online video editor invideo is it can create ” Automated Voiceover” you read it right.

You just have to select the language, I am selecting a UK English option. And after that, just click on the generate VO option.

If you like the voice-over then simply tap on the Add VO Save button. The mindblowing AI give you the power to add voice over to as many videos you create in a single tap.

Invideo is a treasure for the doors, just grab this deal and use this online video editor invideo for free today.

In the end, just click on the Export button, it will export your video in seconds. Just download it and upload it on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Or on TikTok.

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