10 facts about “Kantara: Chapter 1”

10 facts about Kantara Chapter 1
10 facts about Kantara Chapter 1

1. It is a prequel to the 2022 Kannada film “Kantara”.

“Kantara” was a critical and commercial success, and its makers decided to make a prequel to explore the backstory of the characters and the events that led to the story of the original film.

10 facts about Kantara Chapter 1
10 facts about Kantara Chapter 1

2. The film is set in the 1990s.

This provides a different perspective on the events of “Kantara”, as the characters and the world around them are in a different stage of development.

3. The film will focus on the conflict between man and nature.

The original film touched on this theme, but the prequel is expected to delve deeper into it.

4. The film will be shot in the coastal Karnataka region of India.

This is the same region where the original film was set, and it will help to create a sense of authenticity and continuity.

5. The film will feature a new cast of characters.

While some of the characters from the original film may return, the prequel will largely feature new characters.

6. The film will be directed by Rishab Shetty, who also directed the original film.

Shetty is a talented filmmaker who is known for his unique storytelling style.

7. The film is expected to be released in 2024.

An exact release date has not yet been announced.

8. The film is expected to be a major release.

The success of the original film has raised expectations for the prequel, and it is expected to be a major release in Kannada cinema.

9. The film is expected to be a critical and commercial success.

The original film was praised by critics and audiences alike, and the prequel is expected to continue this trend.

10. The film is expected to be a must-watch for fans of Kannada cinema.

Kannada cinema is a vibrant and diverse industry, and “Kantara: Chapter 1” is expected to be another great addition to its canon.

What is mean by “prequel “?

A “prequel” is a term used in literature, film, or other narrative forms to describe a work that presents events or situations that precede those of an existing work. In simpler terms, a prequel is a story that takes place before the events of the original work, providing background information and context to the established narrative.

Prequels often explore the origins of characters, settings, or storylines, offering insights into the history and development of the fictional world or universe created by the original work. They are designed to enhance the audience’s understanding of the existing storyline by revealing what happened before the events of the main narrative.

Is Kantara: Chapter 1 available to download on “123movies”?

Kantara: Chapter 1 is not yet available for download on any streaming platform, including 123movies. The film is currently in post-production and is scheduled for release in December 2024. It is possible that the film will be available on 123movies after its theatrical release, but there is no guarantee.

123movies is a website that provides unauthorized access to copyrighted content, including movies and TV shows. It is illegal to download or stream content from 123movies without the permission of the copyright holder.

If you are interested in watching Kantara: Chapter 1, you will need to wait until it is officially released on DVD, Blu-ray, or a streaming platform. You can also check the film’s official website for updates on its release date and availability.

Here are some other streaming platforms where you can watch Kannada movies:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Hotstar
  • Eros Now
  • JioSaavn

These platforms offer a variety of Kannada movies, including new releases, classics, and independent films. You may need to subscribe to a monthly plan in order to access their library of Kannada movies.