“Faith on Screen: A Guide to Must-Watch Christian Movies on Netflix”

Christian Movies on Netflix
Christian Movies on Netflix

In the vast ocean of content available on Netflix, finding movies that align with your faith and values can be a rewarding experience. For Christian viewers seeking inspiration, spiritual growth, and wholesome entertainment, Netflix offers a diverse selection of movies that beautifully capture the essence of faith. In this article, we’ll explore a curated list of Christian movies available on Netflix, ensuring you have a go-to guide for your next movie night.

Christian Movies on Netflix

1. “The Chosen” (2019 – Present):

“The Chosen” is a groundbreaking series that brings the stories of Jesus and his disciples to life in a fresh and engaging way. This multi-season series, directed by Dallas Jenkins, explores the personal lives of those who walked with Jesus, providing a deep and emotional connection to the biblical narrative. With high production values and powerful storytelling, “The Chosen” has become a favorite among Christian audiences.

2. “War Room” (2015):

Directed by Alex Kendrick, “War Room” is a compelling drama that follows the story of a family struggling with life’s challenges. The film introduces the concept of a “war room,” a dedicated space for prayer and spiritual warfare. With its inspirational message and strong performances, “War Room” encourages viewers to strengthen their faith through the power of prayer.

3. “The Case for Christ” (2017):

Based on the true story of journalist Lee Strobel, “The Case for Christ” is a thought-provoking film that chronicles Strobel’s journey from atheism to Christianity. Faced with his wife’s newfound faith, Strobel sets out to disprove the existence of God but finds himself on a transformative path instead. This compelling drama explores the intersection of faith, reason, and personal discovery.

4. “I Can Only Imagine” (2018):

This heartwarming film tells the true story behind the hit Christian song “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe. The movie delves into the life of lead singer Bart Millard, exploring his complex relationship with his father and the redemptive power of forgiveness. “I Can Only Imagine” is a touching exploration of the healing that can come through faith and the impact of a single song.

5. “Risen” (2016):

“Risen” offers a unique perspective on the resurrection of Jesus, blending historical drama with a detective story. The film follows a Roman military tribune tasked with investigating the disappearance of Jesus’ body after the crucifixion. As the tribune seeks the truth, he undergoes a profound spiritual journey that challenges his beliefs and changes his life forever.


Netflix provides a treasure trove of Christian movies that cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for historical dramas, modern-day parables, or heartfelt family stories, there’s something for everyone. These films not only entertain but also inspire, offering a cinematic experience that resonates with the core values of the Christian faith. So, grab your popcorn, settle into your favorite spot, and let the power of these movies deepen your connection with your spirituality. Faith on screen has never been more accessible, thanks to Netflix’s commitment to providing meaningful content for audiences seeking inspiration and wholesome entertainment.

The Real Housewives of Miami” Season 6:

1. What’s the biggest drama brewing this season?

  • Guerdy Abraira’s battle with breast cancer adds an emotional layer, while Lisa Hochstein’s high-profile divorce and Julia Lemigova’s marital tensions raise eyebrows.

2. Who’s causing the most stir?

  • Alexia Nepola’s signature sass and Larsa Pippen’s unapologetic candor continue to ruffle feathers, while newcomer Dr. Nicole Martin’s unconventional views bring fresh perspectives.

3. Is there any love in the air?

  • Nicole’s engagement brings a touch of romance, but overall, relationships are facing turbulence, with Lisa’s divorce and Julia’s marital challenges taking center stage.

4. What’s Guerdy’s journey like this season?

  • Her fight against cancer inspires the other Housewives, testing their bonds and prompting introspection.

5. Does Lisa navigate her divorce drama gracefully?

  • Public scrutiny and rumors fuel the fire, making her situation even more complex.

6. How does Julia handle life after Martina’s cancer battle?

  • She embraces a renewed zest for life, pursuing personal ambitions.

7. Will Alexia’s humor lighten the mood?

  • Expect plenty of comedic relief from her trademark one-liners and uninhibited personality.

8. Does Larsa continue to be the outsider?

  • Her independence and forthrightness often clash with the group’s dynamics, adding friction.

9. How does the show balance drama with deeper themes?

  • While the opulent lifestyle and catfights entertain, the women grapple with relatable issues like friendship, motherhood, and achieving goals.

10. Is “RHOM” just about superficiality and luxury?

  • Beyond the designer labels and glamorous parties, the show offers a window into female connection, overcoming challenges, and navigating life as powerful women in the public eye.