Free series movie Tubitv Alternative to ThopTV » Humbaa

Free series movie Tubitv Alternative to ThopTV » Humbaa
Free series movie Tubitv Alternative to ThopTV » Humbaa

How to Watch Free Series Of All Premium Platform?

We are providing you, people, Tubi tv APK file where you can watch all the movies and TV shows with many streaming services for Free Free Free! So, Just Download and Enjoy! ThopTV And Oreo TV Alternatives: Free Live TV Apps [Legal]

Watch thousands of hit movies and TV series for free. TubiTV is 100% legal unlimited streaming, with no credit cards and no subscription required

Before giving you link to download Tubi tv APK, It is important to know the full details about it. So let’s get started…

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Details on Tubi tv Free-series

In Today’s time, everyone is crazy about movies and TV shows. People have their own choices on topics for movies or TV shows like Romance, Action, Science Fiction, Drama, Comedy, Animation, Fairytales, Horror, Cartoons and so many more.

You use many popular streaming services to watch your favourite shows, but all these services are not free, you have to pay for these to get subscriptions. Some of the most popular streaming services are NetflixAmazon PrimeDisney + HotstarZee5 and many others.

The entertainers are getting richer as you people are crazy to watch their streaming services and TV shows but all of you are not able to afford these. But Tubitv is free with more features where you can enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows with all these streaming services.

So first of all, Let’s get highlighted about some of the famous streaming services for which you have to pay.

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Netflix is an American technology and streaming service found by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings on August 29, 1997. Its headquarters are in California and Los Gatos. It is present Worldwide excluding Syria, China, North Korea and Crimea.

Netflix provides you with online streaming services of movies and TV shows. It is available on various platforms like Smartphones, Computer, Smart TVs, Tablets etc. You can watch all kind of movies whether it is old or new.

Many genres are available according to your choices like Action, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Fairytales, Anime, Cartoons, kid’s movies, Science Fiction, Aliens, Animals and many more. It is one of the most popular streaming services, But to get its service you have to pay for this.

In 2010, It has expanded internationally and started developing movies and TV shows in 2012. Since it became more active, it started to provide it’s “Netflix Original” on its library. In 2013, the first series was debuted which is non-other than but “House of Cards“.

As Netflix was becoming more developed, it spread over 190 countries in January 2016. And all the effects resulted in $21.9 billion by September 2017. Now in 2020, Netflix is the biggest streaming service with 193 million paid subscriptions across the world.

It allows you to stream TV shows and movies via its app or site. Yes, it is superb interesting to watch your favourite shows on Netflix but; by payment method only it can be done. Now you may have arisen a question, How much does Netflix cost? and What are the payment plans for Netflix?

we are here to provide you answer so, here we go…

Netflix has total four plans which starts from Rs. 199 ($2.72) to Rs. 799 ($10.93).

– Rs. 199 ($2.72) for Mobile Plan.

– Rs. 499 ($6 82) for Basic Plan.

– Rs. 649 ($8.87) for Standard Plan.

– Rs. 799 ($10.93) for Premium Plan.

2.Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is also an American streaming service by Amazon, launched in 7th September 2006. It provides the latest movies, TV shows and Amazon Studios Original videos. Its headquarters are in Seattle and Washington. This streaming service is available in Worldwide except for some countries like Mainland China, Syria, North Korea and Cuba.

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Webseries on

This streaming service offers you many movies and TV shows including it’s Amazon Studios Original. There are many genres like Netflix for example – Romance, Action, Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction and many more. It supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) and up to 4k (UHD) streaming with its original content.

You can enjoy with all the contents available here but like Netflix, it is also not free. You have to pay for this. There is also a payment method.

To get Prime Video Membership you have to pay $8.99 per month.

$12.99 per month for Amazon Prime Video Perk Membership, $119 per Year.

The Amazon Prime Video has more than 150 millions of subscribers with supported platforms like Smart TVs, Tablets, Computer, Smart Phones and many more.


Disney + Hotstar is another American streaming service. It is the subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. It provides movies and television series produced by the Walt Disney Studios and Television only. Some of more brands in advertising Like Marvel, Pixer, StarWars, National Geography etc are available along with Disney. It was launched on 12th November 2019.

This subscription on-demand video streaming gives services overall the world like Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, India, Ireland, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, United States etc with over 60.5 millions of users.

Disney + is a technology for Disney Streaming Services and it was established in 2015 and debuted in 2019. It becomes available for India in April as Disney+Hotstar. It is available on PC via web browsers. Some more platforms are iOS devices, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android, Chromecast, Chromebook, LG Smart TVs, Samsung smart TVs, Now TV devices, Roku devices, Windows 10 and many more.

Some attractive features are like descriptive video service, close captioning and many more. Some valid contents are available in languages like French, English, Dutch etc. And the main part to be noted is, Dubbing and Subtitles are available in more than 16 languages. You can use seven user’s profiles per account.

Like other streaming services, Disney+Hotstar is one of the most famous here. You have many options in movies and TV shows. You will get many genres like Drama, Action, anime, Romance and many more but with payment methods only. Yes, you have to pay for your entertainment. There are VIP and Premium memberships. Disney+Hotstar VIP users can watch their movies in locally dubs languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Telugu etc.

For Disney+Hotstar VIP membership, you have to pay Rs. 399 ($5.46) per year.

For Disney+Hotstar Premium membership, you have to pay Rs. 1499($20.50) per year.


Zee5 is an Indian streaming service launched in 14th February 2018 by Essel Group. Its subsidiary is Zee Entertainment Enterprise. It is available on platforms like iOS, Android, Web, Smart TVs and many others. It is available in languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati etc. Its Headquarter is in Mumbai, India.

It has more than 1000 movies and many TV shows. This streaming service is available overall in the world excluding the United States.

Like other streaming services, Zee5 provides you with many genres like Romance, Action, Horror, Comedy and many more. But again same, here you have to pay to take the benefit of this streaming service.

Zee5 Premium plans start with Rs. 99 per month and Rs. 999 per Year with 5 screens.

Zee5 club plans starts with Rs. 365 per year with 2 screens.

You all are thinking that how to afford all these costly streaming services but I’m asking you, what is the need to pay for these? Yes, you heard right, There is no need to pay for all of these services because I am here to give you the best thing where you can watch all these including many other services too in just one app and that is Tubi tv And we are providing you it’s APK version which is a full package of advantages without a single penny. This allows users to watch unlimited movies and TV shows with so many contents in its library for Free Free Free!

You can watch all the shows of these streaming services here with full of features. You can even watch your favourite shows in HD quality. Now, Let’s have a look at its amazing features.

How to Watch Free Series online?

Features Of Tubitv APK

I know you people want to enjoy the latest movies and series so that most of the people started getting services on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu etc. But not everyone can afford these services as these are very costly.

But For every problem there is a solution, So we are here to introduce Tubi tv with its APK version which is better than the streaming services and the best part is, It is Free!

1. Movie and TV shows

Movies and TV shows of various topics have come to the world today according to people’s choices. Everyone has different choices and thus, many genres are made like Science Fiction, Horror, Fairytales, Drama, Action, Romance and many others.

But to watch all these, you have to pay for getting services like Netflix, Prime Videos etc. In Tubi tv APK version you just have to do one thing only, just enjoy with more than 3000 movies and Many TV shows in Free. Yes, You all can afford this as it a free of cost. You will find all your favourite Hollywood and Bollywood contents here.

2. High Definition(HD) and Favourite List

Watching your favourite movies and TV shows is the best thing but it becomes way more interesting when you stream in HD (High Definition) quality. Tubi tv Apk provides you to stream in HD quality. Yes, you can watch all your shows in high quality and this is an amazing experience and add sweetness to your movie time.

The best part is, It is just free so, no need for any payment plans. There is also no need to pay for those streaming services separately because you can watch them here without a single penny. So, why to go somewhere else?

People who are using streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix etc. know that they have to pay for these streaming services and to add their favourite shows into their favourite list so that they can watch later in their free time. But here In Tubi tv APK version, you can add your favourite shows or movies in your favourite list in just free of cost.

3. Indian Channels

As Indian love Hollywood movies, there are also many Foreigners who love to watch Bollywood movies and it shows. Indian cinema provides its amazing contents of Drama, Romance (like Shah Rukh Khan movie does), Action, Comedy and so on. There are also many channels available like Hungama, Jio TV and many others where you find contents like movies, cartoons, shows etc.

Here in Tubi tv APK version, almost 500 Indian channels are available to entertain you nonstop. Whether you are Foreigner or Indian, you would love to watch Bollywood contents having desi Indian tadka! You can even watch live episodes too.

4. Features of subtitles and categories

Subtitles are very important to understand the language of shows. There are also some movies or shows having different languages but adding subtitles according to your preferred language can make it more understandable. So, here you can also add subtitles according to your preferred language.

All the categories like movies, TV shows, cartoons, sports, news etc. are made separately to make it easier for you. You can select contents according to the categories.

5. Support Devices

You can watch all your shows on both phone screen as well as big screens too like Fire TV and Android.

Now, You people know well about all the features of Tubi tv APK and I’m sure that you would love to stream here in free of cost. So, what else now…below is the link of Tubi tv APK. Just Download and Have Fun!

If you don’t know how to install this so here is the few easy steps to follow :

1. First of all download the Tubi tv APK from the above link given.

2. Go to the setting of your Android device and allow “Unknown Sources”.

3. Go to the file where you downloaded Tubi tv version and tap on “install” button.

4. After your installation is done, you will see the Tubi tv icon on your home screen. Just open and have fun!

Download Tubitv APK


1. Is Netflix available in Tubi tv?

Yes, Netflix is available in Tubi tv. In fact many other popular streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar etc. are also available on Tubi tv in free cost.

2. Is Tubi tv harmful?

No, Tubi tv is not harmful in fact it is 100% safe and secure and 100% legal. You should not have to worry about it.

Thank You! …