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top 30 Free Movie Websites
top 30 Free Movie Websites

Best Awesome Free Movie Website online.

People used to like watching television before smartphones. But today, people like streaming services more than television.

Some of the popular streaming services are like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Alt Balaji and so on. It gives options to the people to watch movies, Tv shows and documentaries.

So People are switching from Television to Streaming Services. But, these Streaming Services are not free of cost, You have to pay for this. But what if you can get these services without a single penny?

Yes, you don’t need to pay for this. You can continue your entertainment in free of cost. There are so many sites and apps available on the internet which provides you with movies without a single penny.

So, You lucky people don’t need to pay for streaming services to watch your favourite movies and TV shows. You can stream these websites and apps for movies and TV shows for free. All these websites will keep you entertained! So, enjoy these Free Movie Websites.

The wait is over…

Free movie website 2020

Here is the list of Best all 30 Free Movie Websites apps including websites which give you movies and TV shows for free of cost…

Stream full-length movies online from these Free Movie Websites for free!








-You Tube


-Internet Archieve

-Top Documentary films

-The Roku App


-AZ movies





-123 movies




Best Free Movie Streaming Websites Online

1. Kanopy

Kanopy is an award-winning video streaming service for movies like Moonlight, Momento and Ex Machina. The User can access more than thousands of movies and documentaries for free. There are varieties of topics related to social and cultural value movies and so on. This is just a treasure of free movies. You can watch many independent movies and documentaries here.

All you need is a smartphone, computer or tablet to access Kanopy online. An email address and a password, PIN/password and library card number. One more point to know, the library card number use once in the process of registration. The updated browser software is ChromeFirefoxSafari etc.

Kanopy Website and App

2. Hoopla

Hoopla is a free media streaming service. It contains all in one like movies, books, music and TV shows. The best thing about Hoopla is that it has motion picture contracts with publishers like Disney, Starz, Warner Bros, Lionsgate and many more. You can access for free of charge only library system is used. Hoopla contains more than one lac contents. The percentage of contents including 22% movies and 35% audiobooks, 19% music,12% ebooks, 6-6% television and comics.

All you need is an Android or iOS apps or you can access Hoopla by web.

Hoopla Website And App

3. Tubi

Tubi TV is one of the highest quality of streaming service for free movies. This is licensed for movies and TV shows. You don’t need to pay for this so you will never use your credit card to access this. But here, You can not find all recent releases but you can get some of recent releases movies but the selection is large so you will interestingly stick to it.

Tubi Tv supports adds, so you will see ads and commercials before or in between watching your content. The add would be at any time.

The adds or commercials are not so long. It is the 30s before your content start and 30s or 15s in between your content. but it’s not a big deal as tubi provides you free of cost entertainment and with the highest quality so just some ads can not take your interest offNow a question arises how to access tubi?

How to access Tubi? A Free Movie Websites?

You can access tubi by the website from your computer or smartphones. There are apps available on tablets or smartphones to access tubi. You can have Android or iOS apps to access tubi. It is much easier to use and the main point is that it is for free of cost.

The other point to know is you do not require to log in to watch some of its videos but to watch every video you must log in for free.

Tubi Website And App

4. Yidio

Yidio is a video aggregator, founded in 2008 by Brandon Eatros and Adam Eatros.

You can watch your content in a single interface by Yidio and It collects content from multiple subscription video streaming providers. So its own content does not host by Yidio itself.

Yidio is a free service and you can have self browsing experience every time and everywhere.

Yido Website and app

5. Crackle

Crackle is one of the free legit apps and it is over the top video streaming platform, founded by Josh Felser, Aviv Eyal, Dave Samuel and Mike Sitrin. You will find mostly Sony contents as this app is owned by Sony and some of the contents from Soul Entertainments.

It gives you free streaming video service. You do not need to pay for any kind of premium account as it does not contain any premium option. You can watch television shows, movies and others in free of cost but it supports add and commercials.

You will find adds and commercials beforehand and during of your content. But if we consider so it gives you to stream in just free of charge, its worth it. You can watch your movies on Tv, computer, tablet and smartphones. Crackle is there everywhere to keep high your entertainment.

You can run crackle by installing it from your devices such as google play and others or by its website. it is super easy to register on Crackle, all you need to do it just open the link and you will get the option to sign up or via connect from Facebook. So it’s up to your choice.

Crackle Website and App

6. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is an another over the top streaming service offering for free and owned by Screen Media Ventures, Popcornflix and some of its parent company by Chicken Soup as for The Soul Entertainment.

People generally ask about its legality so Popcornflix is said to be surely legal. You can watch independent movies and TV shows for Free. And if we talk about showing adds so it is an add supported platform. You will notice add or commercials during or before your movie started. All you need to do it just install it from your device app store then register for free or by its website and enjoy your streaming. Popcorn Flix is available on iPhone and iPad. Now you might have this question, how to install Popcornflix on android?

Here is the answer,

First you have to install the apk file of Popcorn time from the link then,

1. Go to the setting of your Android device

2. Select Security and enable the unknown sources and check the mark

3. Now open the apk file and you will get an install button, just install it.

Popcornflix website and App


VRV is launched in November 2016 and it is one of the top streaming services which provides for free and for a premium too. You can pronounce it “verve”. It is owned by Otter Media and subsidiary of AT&T’s Warner Media.

You will have many options like anime, science fiction, technology, cartoon and many more so this is fixed that it will not let your entertainment down. You can watch best movies according to your mood.

You can enjoy by using its free account or by its premium one. The premium option cost $9.99 for all 9 channels or you can pay individually for every channel. You can view your content offline too if you are a premium user.

You watch your contents add free if you are the premium user and if you are using Vrv for free so you will notice add or commercials during or before your content.

It is currently available only in the US but you can use vrv in all over the world by some process.

All you need to do is first install the VPN from your device app store and after that download, the vrv form browses and get registered.

VRV Website and App

8. YouTube

You all know youtube well as it is already present in every smartphone. It is an American video-sharing online platform. It was created in February 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Javed Karim and later Google bought this site in November 2006.

YouTube is full of every kind of knowledge and content as it is the platform to upload any kind of content you desire. You can upload, share and view contents without restrictions.

So many movies are available on YouTube in so many languages. And in just easy way you can keep your entertainment level high always.

All you need to do, just open YouTube, Go to the search button and type your movie name and language, the search results give you many options.

It is full of TV shows, anime, cartoons adventurous, actions and so many more movies.

Each and every channel-related music, dance, movies painting, art etc has their YouTube account so this platform is like an ocean of contents. You just need to search. This free service will never let you bore.

Youtube Website and App

9. Plex

Plex is another client steaming server for media system for free. Plex gives you full entertainment as it has many movies, TV shows and documentaries to watch and all these you can watch for free only.

But like others, Plex is also an add supported server. So you will notice add or commercials anytime during or before the movie.

But Plex works on any device pretty good. You will be able to access your media library from anywhere by Plex.

You can stream Plex from browsers such as ChromeFirefoxSafari and Edge. From Mobile and tablets like Android and iOS. From Smart TVs like Samsung, Roku TV, Toshiba, Sony, LG and Vizio. From Computers like macOS and Windows.

Plex Website And App

10. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a full package in the Free Movie Websites list. Yes, Unlike other Internet Archive give you a collection of digitized materials. You will get movies/videos, music, websites, moving images, games, software application and so many books.

The Internet Archive contains 3 million movies and videos, 7 million audios, 400 billion web pages, 400,000 software programs and over 20 million books. All these are more than sufficient for your entertainment, aren’t there?

How to access Internet Archive?

The Internet Archive Companion App is recently launched. But it is available on iPad and iPhone. But what about for android. So here you go…

In the Wayback Machine, go to the search and enter the specific URL and find out the website. Then click on the web icon and enter the correct URL and there you can select the year according to your wish of watching.

Internet Archive Website and App

11. Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films is full of documentaries based on the environment, human health, science, technology, society, psychology, politics, crime, religion, sports and many more. This is the best platform to grab your favourite movie according to your mood and it is totally free. Yes, It has good movies and vast topics related to your choices and moods. It is the best Free Movie Websites in our list, in documentary section.

The major point is if you are a busy person and you don’t get a lot of time to cover a whole movie of 1-2 hours so this is just for you. Top Documentary Film gives you some of the movies which are only a couple minutes long. So if you have 20 minutes or an hour you can find a good movie according to that.

Top Documentary Films Website and APP

12. The Roku App

Roku is a line of digital media player of manufacture. It was introduced in May 2008 and it builds collaboration with Netflix.

The Roku app is available in iOS and Android too. You do not need to pay for Roku app subscription but regardless Roku Tv, soundbar or player. You can access many streaming services on Roke apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and many more famous and popular streaming services. And if you want to purchase some of its services so you need some payment for this.

All Roku devices need an internet connection, some of them require ethernet cable or Wi-fi. All you need to do is just set up your Roku device and do not forget to include a free Roku account.

The Roku Website and App

13. IMDb TV

IMDb Tv is another internet movie database which is full of television programs, films/videos, video gaming and online streaming. It also provides you with reviews, ratings and many more. It is owned by Amazon.

The registered user can give ratings, vote on review and many more

The IMDb movies can be watched on smartphones, laptops or in any big screen but by Amazon Fire TV devices.

You can watch Tv shows, movies and all Amazon Fire Tv devices for free. You can either go for its site and smartphone apps for free.

You need to follow the following steps to get a subscription of your IMDbPro

1. Go to the IMDb page, sign up and select “Start Free Trial

2. From your existing Amazon account, you can enter your email and password and here your sign in is done.

3. Now, IMDb will ask your permission, give them permission to log in by your existing Amazon account.

IMDb TV Website and APP

14. AZ Movies

AZ movie is another famous streaming website and it gives you good quality while streaming. It is a treasure of free movies. Another Best website in our Free Movie Websites list.

AZ movie gives you a good collection of movie contents, vast topics, and a great experience. If you want to download your movie to watch later in your free time from AZ movies so here you go…

All you need to do is, follow the following steps..

1. Just view your movie or video which you want to download

2. Copy that movie/video URL and go to the 9xbuddy

3. There Enter the URL and get the download link.

AZ Movies and APP

15. Vudu

Vudu is an American streaming service, found in 1st January 2004 by Alain Rossmann, Tony S. Miranz. It is owned by Fandango Media.

You can register and get your membership fee(with 0 costs) and if you are the user from the United States so by a new program of Vudu, which offers thousands of movies and Tv shows for free, you can get that. In fact, You can also watch on-demand with fewer commercials.

Vudu contains Hollywood blockbusters, anime movies, kid’s shows, TV programs, documentaries, Indian movies and many more. Vudu is available on Android, iOS, some streaming boxes like Apple Tv, Android Tv, Roku etc. It also supports on some smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox etc.

The major point to be noted is that it is free of cost. You don’t need to pay for monthly subscriptions.

All you need to do is just make a free account, signed up and stary to watch your content but if you want to rent or purchase any kind of videos so you have to pay for this.

It is currently available in the US. and I will recommend you if you want using from anywhere out of US then Use it by VPN. As we know that outside US Free Movie Websites are banned.

Vudu Website And APP

16. Film Rise

FilmRise headed by Danny Fisher, Jack Fisher and Alan Klingestein. FilmRise gives you unlimited movies and TV shows for free and All the contents are popular.

The main part is, it is free and with no subscriptions.

FilmRise is one of the best platforms to keep your entertainment high, yes, It gives you free add supported contents to stream on Amazon is free.

It gives you the highest quality videos including Hd quality and you can stream lifetime in free of cost. You might have a question, how to install FilmRise on your FireTV.

Just follow the following steps to install FilmRise on FireTV.

1. Search and select FilmRise from your device.

2. Click FilmRise(free movies and TV shows) and then click on the download.

3. After your installation is finished, you are all set to launch FilmRise on your device.

4. Enjoy then!

Film Rise Website And APP

17. Telegram

Telegram is another best way to search and download your favourite movies, documentaries and TV shows for free. There are so many channels has made which contains contents accordingly.

All you need to do is, just add yourself in the particular channels, search for the movie which you like and just download. This is the simplest way of enjoyment.

In fact, you get options for languages, quality and many more. Top releases Tv shows and movies can also be got from there. All channels are made according to their contents.

You can access telegram in Android, iOS, iPad,iPhone, laptop, computer, tablet etc.

All channels contain different topics such as anime, science fiction, horror, comedy, Hollywood, cartoons, Indian and many more. All you need to do is just search, download and enjoy!

Telegram Website And APP

18. Vimeo

Vimeo is another video sharing website like YouTube. Its users can upload, view and share the videos.

The main point to be noted is, it is totally ad-free video platform. Like YouTube, it is another subscriber-supported platform.

The top features of Vimeo are You can watch videos on the highest quality possible, You can share videos from anywhere, It controls speed and many more.

The Vimeo platform is totally free, but the Plus, Pro and Business Platform take expenses.

Vimeo Website And APP

19. 123movies

123 movie is a trustworthy site to watch belonging to various genres. You can watch the latest TV shows and movies in the Highest quality and HD quality too. You also get an option to enable 4k ultra HD format while watching your favourite movie in your supported device. Movies are easy to find out and download on 123 movies.

All you need to do is, just log in, watch and enjoy! You can get many options to find your favourable movies. There are options like A-Z movie list and via entering the date of release. Many genres of TV shows and movies are available in 123 movies such as Romance, Action, Drama and many more.

The 123 movies website can attract any user for the first time as it is very simple and classy. These websites provide you to access fresh content without charging.

123movies website and APP

20. Go Stream

GoStream is another file streaming website. It is operated from Vietnam and it provides free movies and TV shows with many genres for its users.

It is an illegal website that accesses copyright content across the internet without a single penny. You can watch and download movies from GoStream in India but you need to get VPN first.

Follow the following steps to download video from GoStream:

1. Just view the video on GoStream that you want to download.

2. Copy the URL of the video

3. Go to the 9xbuddy, enter the URL of the video and get download options.

GoStream Website and APP

21. is an another free alternative streaming service like 123movies and many others.

It contains great contents in the library of movies. It also provides genres like Romance, Action, Drama, Comedy, Science Fiction and many more. People should visit this website because this is one of the best platforms to keep your entertainment high without a single penny.

Movie Stars Website and APP


Unlike many other websites, SolarMovie is another good website which is full of latest and popular movies and TV shows across the internet. You do not need to pay a single penny for a subscription. In fact, SolarMovie is one of the most widely used streaming websites.

This website is just simply linking the video but it does not host the video.

You can get many features like

There are so many movie genres available like Action, Romance, Horror, Anime, Comedy, Drama, Biography, Documentary, Crime, Musical and many more. It also provides you with movies and TV shows in many countries.

Solar Movie Website and APP

23. StreamM4u

StreamM4u is an illegal website which uploads movies as-pirated contents. But you can download movies for free. It is full of movies, TV shows, Documentaries and many more. Its speciality is, it is more of Hollywood, Korean and other contents.

You can download in HD format too. All movies are very easy to download. But StreamM4u is add-supported so you can notice adds or commercials during or beforehand the video.

You might have question, how to access StreamM4u?

All you need to do, just access the website and enter specific domain name then you will be able to download movies and TV shows for free.

StreamM4u Website And APP


This website is the simplest website ever to watch movies and TV shows for free. You can also download the latest movies and TV shows here.

You are provided with a simple search option, just type your movie or TV shows name and enjoy. The other way is to scroll or browse for your content. It is full of great content like Romance, Action, Drama and many more.

Moviesjoy website and APP

25. Spacemov

Spacemove is another website to stream online movies and TV shows for free only. This website mainly provides Hollywood movies and TV programs. So If your love Hollywood contents more so this platform is for you. But this website is illegal and it provides pirated content. This is the reason that it has blocked by many countries but people are still using it by VPN. The main part is, it gives you a massive collection of genres like Comedy, Action, Crime, Romance, Action, Musical and many more.

Spacemov Website And APP


Like others, VidCloud is one of the top websites for free movies and TV shows. But VidCloud distributes its content illegally but it is totally free to watch movies and all its contents. The main part is you do not need to go to different places. Yes, you can have all your movies or contents here only without a single penny.

You can stream VidCloud safely by using a VPN.

VideoCloudTV Website and APP


Flixtor is one of the good online streaming and downloading site which is totally free. You can watch free movies and TV shows without a single penny. Yes, It is a free subscription.

You can find movies according to your age group, all types of contents are available to keep you entertain like action, comedy, drama etc. And the main part is You can watch in HD quality with low ad annoyance. You can use Flixtor on your Android too.

Flixtor Website and APP

28. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is a clean interface piracy website. This is an illegal website which gives you many pirated movies and shows. But it provides pirated free content.

It is one of the popular websites for its users. All you need to do is, just search for the movie and TV shows or You can simple scroll or browse for the movie you want to watch. It gives you Hd quality while watching your favourite movies or Tv shows.

Yesmovies Website And APP


Oakmovies is another streaming site for free movies and TVshows. It is like Gostream. According to Alexa, it ranks 472,851 across the world.

Oakmovies gives you good quality format while watching your movies. All you need to do is, just search or click on the movie which you prefer.

Oakmovies Website And APP


Streamlord is an internet streaming service founded in 1998 by Steve Iverson.

To have a great experience with Streamlord, All you need to do is just to install a good VPN. It has a search bar, you can search your movie if you know your movie name or you can just click to the respective banner.

It has vast topics on movies and TV shows.

Stream Lord on


When you are streaming in free streaming websites without VPN, your IP address is tracked by that service provider and government too.

Read What is Proxy and What is VPN here.

So make sure using a good VPN while streaming to protect yourself from being tracked.

When you use a VPN while streaming free movie websites, it just protects your IP address from being logged and you become 100% safe. So do not compromise with your privacy and safety.

What is the best free movie websites?

The best free movie websites are Kanopy, Hoopla, Tubi, Vudu, Yesmovies, 123movies, SonyCrackle, IMDb, FilmRise and many others are included here.

What free online movie sites are safe?

Yes, there are many legal and safe free movie websites but view movies within the public domain such as Tubi Tv, Crackle, Vudu, Popcornflix, Pluto Tv, Top Documentary Films, Free Movies Cinema, Hoopla and many others.

What happens if you get caught with using free movie streaming sites?

If you are caught with using free movie streaming site for watching copyrighted content so it is possible that you can face legal issues. So, use a VPN while streaming.

What websites can I watch free movies without signing up?

There are some free movie websites which do not need to sign up for their user to watch movies and TV shows. Some of them are Crackle, 123movies, Yesmovies and others.

Thank You!