20 Best Free YouTube Videos to MP3 Converters in 2024

Free YouTube Videos to MP3 Converters
Free YouTube Videos to MP3 Converters

Free YouTube Videos to MP3 Converters

Sick of Commercials Breaking Your Jams? Like a Pro, Download Music from YouTube!

Imagine this: your favorite music is blasting through the speakers while you drive along a wide road with the windows down, perfectly encapsulating that sense of exhilaration and freedom. The atmosphere is abruptly destroyed by a cat food commercial that breaks right in the midst, just as you’re about to hit that incredible high note. Yes, it is frustrating.

For any music enthusiast, YouTube’s vast collection of music videos is a treasure trove. But what if you want to rock out wherever you go, take your music offline, and stay away from annoying advertisements? The solution is to convert YouTube videos to MP3!

The truth is that it might be intimidating to navigate among a sea of converters. Get rid of those websites with a tonne of choices and a disorganized design. Our shared values are speed and simplicity. The greatest YouTube to MP3 converters, which are as simple to utilize as pressing play on your preferred music, are what we’ll demonstrate.

To put it briefly, you’re going to become an expert downloader in no time at all, so be ready to enjoy endless music pleasure wherever you go!

Free YouTube Videos to MP3 Converters

1. OnlyMP3

A free program called OnlyMP3 makes it possible to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format. The user-friendly interface of this YouTube converter software makes it easy to convert YouTube videos into audio files.

Among the main characteristics of OnlyMP3 are:

Quick Conversions: Videos are quickly converted into high-quality audio formats by YouTube’s quick encoder servers. In a few seconds, you will be able to save your download link to your mobile device, laptop, or PC.

Safety & Security: OnlyMP3’s top goal is to provide a safe converting service. It uses SSL certificates, which are industry standards, to safeguard user data.

You may be sure that our online application is virus-free, completely safe, and continuously monitored because of a secure database.

Cloud Storage Support: By storing your converted audio files directly to your Dropbox account, you may access them from anywhere at any time. You may see your converted files on any device by using the Dropbox app.

There’s no need to register: Turn thousands of YouTube videos into downloadable audio files without having to deal with the inconvenience of joining up or registering. Benefit from infinitely free downloads and conversions of your favorite YouTube videos.


2. YTMP3

Over 2 million people a day can’t be wrong! YTMP3 isn’t just another YouTube to MP3 converter, it’s a music downloading BEAST. Not only can you snag audio from your favorite vids, but YTMP3 also boasts a built-in MP3 search engine, making it a one-stop shop for all your music needs.

Here’s what makes YTMP3 stand out from the crowd:

  • Device Master: Forget downloads and installations! YTMP3 is a browser-based converter, meaning it works flawlessly on pretty much anything that connects to the internet – laptops, desktops, even your trusty Android phone.
  • Simple Simon Says Download: Confusing interfaces are a thing of the past. YTMP3’s website is so clean and easy to use, even your grandma could convert her favorite karaoke hits (no judgment!).

But wait, there’s more! Here’s a quick rundown of YTMP3’s other awesome features:

  • High-Quality Audiophile: Want your music to sound crystal clear? YTMP3 lets you download in a variety of high-quality formats, putting other converters to shame with their superior sound technology.
  • Safety First: Security is no joke. YTMP3 is completely safe and reliable, so you can download with confidence, knowing you won’t be getting any malware along with your music.
  • Format Flexibility: Need your music in MP3 or MP4? No problem! YTMP3 supports both, and even lets you choose the bit rate (think of it as quality settings) for your MP3s, from a space-saving 64 kbps to a crystal-clear 320 kbps.

So, ditch the ads and experience music freedom with YTMP3! Just remember, downloading copyrighted content can be illegal, so use it responsibly.


3. VideoProc Converter

If you want to download music directly from YouTube or extract audio from music videos, VideoProc Converter is the best tool. You may browse over 1000 websites and convert over 420 various formats, including MP3, using this all-in-one video toolbox. It also includes functions like file size reduction, editing, and screen recording.

It also contains improvements for video features; with AI-powered capabilities like super-resolution, frame interpolation, and video stabilization, it may raise the quality of photos, videos, and audio. In addition, it may provide smooth slow-motion effects and raise video frame rates.

You may safely and swiftly convert YouTube to MP3 in just three simple steps in a secure environment thanks to its user-friendly interface. Furthermore, a complete version of the VideoProc Converter is included, enabling you to access an infinite number of capabilities.

This is how to apply it:

Launch VideoProc, then use the Downloader feature.
Paste the video URL into the downloader after copying it.
It will immediately start downloading and analyzing it.

VideoProc Converter

4. ClipGrab

An excellent program for obtaining multimedia files from the internet is called ClipGrab. It allows you to download many kinds of material from various streaming websites, including movies, cartoons, audio files, and videos.

Additionally, you may use the ClipGrab program to convert movies to audio files since it supports a wide range of file types and functions well with typical multimedia players.

The nicest thing about it is that it won’t cost you anything and is straightforward and easy to use. The application is stand-alone and doesn’t need a specific web browser to run. The official website offers a download and installation link for ClipGrab.

How to convert a video from YouTube to an MP3:

After accessing ClipGrab, copy its URL and paste it into the Downloads URL area.
Select MP3 (audio only) as the output format under Format.
Press “Get this video” to begin the conversion.


5. 4K YouTube to MP3

The free conversion application 4K YouTube to MP3 allows you to extract audio from YouTube videos and store it as MP3 files. It provides a wide range of sound quality from 64 kbps to 320 kbps and is easy to use.

This firm can compete with its competitors and exceed any other conversion tool accessible, with over 60 million users and a 4.5-star rating based on 593 reviews.

Furthermore, 4K YouTube to MP3 offers payment options that allow you to access premium capabilities.

Some of the characteristics of 4K YouTube to MP3 are:

It permits music downloads from both unauthorized and official video websites.
When suitable URLs are pasted to the clipboard, it immediately detects them.
It provides a YouTube-integrated search tool.
It also offers more hidden features, such as playlist and channel subdirectories, redownload, delete, and remove file capabilities, and options to change audio format and quality.
Version 4.0 of the MP3 downloader was just released, and it looks and functions better.

4K YouTube to MP3

6. Free Any Video Converter

With the help of the free conversion program Any Video Converter Free, you may change the format of music and video files. If you’re looking for an easy and fast method to convert YouTube videos to MP3, this program is perfect for you.

Despite being free, there is an enhanced version with infinite functionality that is accessible with subscription plans.

To start the converting process, just copy and paste the YouTube video URL into the app. This application supports a large number of music and video formats, including FLV, MP3, AVI, MOV, MP4, and more, in addition to YouTube videos.

It is also ideal for a variety of consumers due to its user-friendly design and interoperability with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

It also includes a comprehensive toolset with customizable workflow features to help you quickly and effectively complete your video conversion processing tasks. All things considered, Any Video Converter Free offers you the greatest all-in-one solution for processing videos.

Any video converter