How to Change BitLocker Password in Windows 10

A new way to change Bitlocker Password in Windows 10 2020

Microsoft Corporation uses Bitlocker; as Bitlocker is a security program released by Microsoft itself. Bitlocker is a computer hard drive encryption program.

Bitlocker mainly protect malicious attacks on a computer. It was used in Windows 7, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows unlimited, windows server 2008, R2 and other versions.

Bitlocker protects your data from offline attacks, drive security and encryption in your HD- Hard drive.

Steps To Change BitLocker Password in Windows 10

  1. Open the Control Panel and select Large icons in the View by drop-down menu. Click BitLocker Drive Encryption.
Control panel in Windows 10
Control panel in Windows 10

2. Expand the drive for which you want to change the BitLocker password and click Change password from the list of options

Bitlocker Drive Encryption on Humbaa
Bitlocker Drive Encryption

3.When the Change Password window appears, type your old password and new password. Click Change Password

Bitlocker Drive Encryption
Bitlocker Drive Encryption

4. Now you’ve successfully changed your BitLocker password. 🙂

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