How to fix something went wrong please try again later on Tinder.

By | July 18, 2022
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Tinder oops something went wrong please try again later

Swiping right is the new way to find a girlfriend for you or a life partner. Tinder is a Revolutionary app that allows you to find like-minded people. Using the tinder application you can find the exact match you want.

Tinder is a social media platform that allows you to meet new people across the world.

Tinder is an online dating application which is founded on 2012 September 12 about eight years ago.

Today we will fix it oops something went wrong or something went wrong please try again at a later time we will fix this tinder issue.

First, check your network connection. If you are facing this tinder bug issue then always check the network connection that you are using switch on or off you are mobile data or check your Wi-Fi network.

Sometimes your internet service provider that is ISP is trying to block the application so try a VPN and try to access the tender application back. If your issue is solved then great else try the next step.

2 . Update your dinner application.

Every time on the Play Store you get the notification of the particular app you want to update. By updating an application it will fix the bugs and ads more specification, it is recommended that you have to update the application regularly.

If you have an old version of the tinder application on your mobile phone then Humbaa Recommends updating the tinder application.

You can update the tinder application by visiting your Google Play Store and if you are using the iOS then you can visit at App Store simply search tinder if you saw update notification then simply tap on the update button and update the tinder application it may fix you are something went wrong please try again letter issue.

3. Don’t use VPN access tinder

It is recommended that don’t use the VPN Service to use the tinder app. For example, if you are living in India and you are using the VPN Service, the premium VPN service and you try to access USA IP then it creates suspicious activity and there are chances to face this type of error.

4. For Android users clear the cash clear app data.

For Android recommends, clearing the cache and app data. For this, you have to go to setting after that go to the application choose tinder application from the list and clear the cache it may solve something that went wrong please try again later issue.

5. Use web browser like Chrome

Please double-check if you are Facebook application and tinder application are integrated with each other It may solve this issue.

On your mobile device, you can choose to log in using a web browser like Chrome Firefox Safari Microsoft edge brave Browser try to log in using their website try to type your mobile number and username there try to log in.

6 disconnect tinder from Facebook application

Tinder provides two 2 options to login into their tinder application first one is you can use a mobile number.

Then log in to the Tinder application or you can choose Facebook to login into your tinder account.

In many cases something went wrong please try again later this issue is solved by disconnecting the Facebook account which is linked to the tinder account.

So simply in your phone open the Facebook application select the menu option after that go to setting find privacy option after that go to the security option.

Select account settings and choose apps and websites you will see logged in with Facebook. Ok just tap the edit button search for the tinder application click on it in that app information just scroll down and you will see the removed option just select the remote option and finally we will see the Remove option again just simply tap on the Remove option.

Here we provide you with the six steps to fix something that went wrong please try again later issue on tinder. I hope it was all you are an issue and will help you thank you so much.

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