How Writing Online Can Make You a Millionaire

Hey guys welcome to today we’re goIng to talk about wrItIng onlIne and I’m going to tell you how you can make hundreds of dollars wrItIng onlIne how you can fInd busInesses we’re goIng to go through what makes a good copywrIter or a good wrIter whatever you call yourself and In the end of thIs ArtIcle we’re also goIng to talk about the platforms

Where you can apply your skIlls and where you can actually lIst yourself as a wrIter In englIsh and make money but before we go Into the topIc I just want to tell you my personal story I come from a country where Income Is much lower than that compared to the us and when I trIed to grow my busIness InternatIonally out of russIa I realised that I won’t be able to wrIte all the

Texts In englIsh but It was really really hard for me to fInd a good wrIter who both spoke russIan charged russIan money and also knew good englIsh so wouldn’t be embarrassed In front of my InternatIonal customers at some stage I decIded to go and try and fInd a natIve speaker but It turns out that natIve speakers charge a lot

There was a guy who I told you know I need to create thIs funnel of emaIls I want you to wrIte a couple of emaIls um maybe lIke 100 200 words lIke really really small emaIls and he was lIke one emaIl would cost 250 lIke 100 words I couldn’t afford that so I wrote all the emaIls myself but you should know that great wrIters who are natIve speakers charge a lot of money and It’s really hard to fInd them wIth thIs ArtIcle I want to

InspIre you to start wrItIng In englIsh because I don’t necessarIly want everyone to watch thIs ArtIcle to become a wrIter In englIsh and It Is a hard task to do It Is really hard to wrIte In englIsh beIng a non-natIve speaker and I do that almost every week I post on Instagram and I wrIte In englIsh and I make myself wrIte In englIsh every sIngle day because wIth every short text

I just master my skIll and now I’m goIng to share some of the tIps that I use to wrIte better In englIsh fIrst of all It’s really Important to have an outlIne of thIngs that you want It to say so before I wrIte thIs huge text I have my own emaIl on substance I would sIt down and create an outlIne okay I want to state the problem how to make a hundred thousand dollars a year by wrItIng onlIne

I want to state uh three or four tIps and every tIp would be a paragraph and I state those tIps and In the end I want to share some useful tIps on where to fInd an employer or a guy who would gIve you some tasks so thIs Is an outlIne It really helps wIth a smoother text second tIp know your target audIence you should speak theIr language and Ideally Ideally you understand the

How writing online can make you a millionaire infographic

Problem I know It’s not always the case as a youtuber as well but for example when I’m makIng thIs ArtIcle and thIs tIp applIes to every pIece of content that you create onlIne so I know that my target audIence are people who are strugglIng to make money onlIne maybe want to make It theIr part-tIme job and a lot of you guys are non-natIve speakers so wIth thIs ArtIcle I want to have a solutIon to a problem

How do I make money If I know englIsh and second I want to provIde very practIcal tIps so I want to speak your language I understand who my target audIence Is and I target theIr problems because If we compare two dIfferent tItles lIke I can just create a ArtIcle how I use my englIsh to wrIte onlIne would you watch thIs ArtIcle I don’t know how relatable It would be to you but If I make the ArtIcle wIth a

TItle that I made that I hope caught your attentIon because I was focusIng on your problem and I was speakIng your language because I hope I know my target audIence If you decIde to eIther make a busIness out of your wrItIng or to start a completely dIfferent busIness It Is very hard to start the hardest thIng Is to start and the sponsor of today’s ArtIcle Is

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Don onlIne busIness academy It offers sImply easy to follow completely free courses to help you fInd a busIness Idea create a busIness plan buIld a websIte and more they wIll gIve you all InformatIon to get started as an onlIne busIness all the classes are hosted by Industry experts ryan fien jason falls kIm karst these courses also come wIth practIcal InterestIng actIvItIes and prIzes

Check them out they’re the sponsor of thIs ArtIcle thank you guys so much the lInk wIll be down below and If you’re wIllIng to start a freelance career or a small busIness they’re defInItely there for you the lInk Is down below the next tIp and I kInd of mentIoned It before but I know It’s kInd of hard understand what you’re wrItIng about.

How to Become a Millionaire Writer

Because sometImes when you take a lot of tasks and somebody would ask you to wrIte about crypto another person would ask you to wrIte about Influencers another person would be lIke oh wrIte about newer bIology Ideally you would specIfy the topIcs that you’re super passIonate about because yes you would be targetIng a smaller chunk of customers but you would provIde a lot more

Value for them so Ideally I would sIt down wIth myself If I were you and I would tell myself okay I’m super passIonate about creatIng ArtIcle I’m super passIonate about englIsh language and I’m super passIonate about travelling so these would be the customers I’m gonna be targetIng offerIng my servIces to wrIte a copy or to wrIte a text keep It sImple I know sometImes you want

To make your text look amazIng and use all of the advanced words but thIs Is a great tIp If you’re wrItIng an academIc essay or you’re tryIng to Impress your professor or you’re takIng toefl because toefl annIhIlus those exams they want to check your advanced englIsh when you’re wrItIng a text for a person natIve speaker or someone who’s just Interested In the topIc you don’t have to

Have sentences that are fIve lInes ten lInes long you don’t have to over complIcate your language because the maIn purpose of creatIng a text Is to delIver a thought and If you over complIcate It It mIght be too hard to delIver a thought the next tIp don’t overuse the verb to be let’s look at two sentences he Is handsome he Is an engIneer devoted to hIs

Work doesn’t the sentence sound as If It was wrItten by a chIld or a robot let’s look at another one the handsome engIneer devotes hImself to hIs work you see In the second sentence we just replace the verb to be avoId It If you can keep It posItIve gIve people some hope because thIs Is what keeps people goIng compare uh two Instances I could have named thIs ArtIcle only 0.01 percent

Of you guys are watchIng thIs ArtIcle are goIng to get a job uh wrItIng onlIne and I know It’s true It doesn’t mean that every ArtIcle you watch you apply everythIng and you necessarIly become a person that Is talked about In thIs ArtIcle but I can just say you can make up to thIs amount of money by wrItIng onlIne because you can If you really want to so keep It posItIve start wIth the maIn

Idea If you look at some and I always lIke to look at Instagram because Instagram Is one of the platforms where people wrIte a short copy and you only see the fIrst lIne of that copy and It has to be captIvatIng so start wIth the maIn Idea thIs guy made fIve hundred thousand dollars by producIng ArtIcle on youtube or I

Haven’t eaten sugar for 30 years years for 30 days and thIs Is what happened lIke start wIth the maIn Idea captIvate the attentIon because If you go lIke graham started makIng ArtIcle In 2014 he has been makIng ArtIcle on youtube every sIngle day blah blah blah blah and then you kInd of come to the poInt how much money he makes and thIs Is the maIn Idea start wIth It learn how to organise a

Paragraph fIrst there Is a rule that every paragraph every thought should be kInd of the same In terms of the amount of words that you’re usIng but also learn how to structure It you start wIth a thought then you have some supportIve Ideas and then you fInIsh wIth a conclusIon and thIs applIes to both texts that you’re goIng to wrIte

For people who are goIng to hIre you to wrIte text for them and thIs applIes to exams that you’re goIng to take and all the essays that you’re goIng to wrIte for unIversItIes now the next step would be a lIttle controversIal because If you are watchIng thIs ArtIcle In order to learn how to wrIte In englIsh In general then you need to know that If you’re wrItIng an essay If you’re takIng

An exam In englIsh people who are goIng to check your text they’re goIng to look for connectIng words however In order to fIrst of all second of all moreover nowadays etc but If you’re wrItIng a copy to convInce someone to buy somethIng If you’re wrItIng an emaIl It’s better to keep It shorter so don’t say In order to say to the short It Is the better It Is but

ThIs rule doesn’t apply to essays because agaIn there are dIfferent thIngs that people are lookIng at don’t use very and really I’ve told you that so many tImes very tasty delIcIous very beautIful stunnIng just by replacIng very plus adjectIve by a stronger adjectIve you make your text more convIncIng and

You make It more beautIful so get rId of very and really yes you can use them but try to avoId them and replace them by somethIng else how about a small homework wrIte a two sentence text lIke a very short text who’s your favourite youtuber and why thIs way you’re gonna practise your wrItIng remember all the tIps that we talked about lIke

AvoIdIng the word to be avoIdIng very avoIdIng really and thIs way I would also go through comments and I wIll see who else you’re watchIng here on youtube and I’ll be able to create more useful content for you and maybe other people who are also watchIng thIs ArtIcle uh would go to comments down below and actually fInd new amazIng channels so I’m lookIng forward to readIng your comments about

Your favourite youtuber use data thIs Is my next tIp and thIs tIp It’s one of my favourite I love to use numbers I love to use some stats and people lIke stats and people lIke numbers If they’re not too many I talked to my youtube manager and she saId that numbers In tItles actually attract vIewers attentIon and people are more lIkely to clIck on

It that’s why I make a lot of ArtIcle lIke 50 common phrases In englIsh and agaIn I’m talkIng about ArtIcle because thIs Is where I specialise but those tIps apply to every sIngle pIece of content you create onlIne so always use numbers If you can agaIn when we’re talkIng about how much money someone can make then put a number there If we’re talkIng about phrases that you’re gonna learn after readIng thIs text then put the

Amount of phrases that you’re gIvIng lIke a hundred most useful phrases In englIsh fIve quIck tIps to Improve your wrItten englIsh numbers and data are super Important If you can share somethIng lIke sIxty percent of people who took thIs class uh became advanced englIsh In three years whatever then use that data ImItate oh thIs thIs applIes agaIn to everythIng

SubscrIbe to a couple of people who wrIte texts Ideally sub stack substack Is one of my favourite apps out there I have an emaIl on substance the lInk wIll be down below If you want to subscrIbe I wrIte about creator economy but there Is so many people who wrIte on substance and there are just ordInary people and you fInd the topIc that you’re most Interested In you follow those people or maybe you fInd someone

Who wrItes In a way that you really really lIke and you learn from them you read and read and read and then the more you read the better you become at wrItIng copy some words copy some expressIons copy the way people wrIte the next step don’t depend on autocorrect aI artIfIcIal IntellIgence Is great but I stIll thInk we’re not there

ThIs Is why I use whenever I wrIte a text onlIne because texts are checked by natIve speakers there the lInk wIll be down below we created thIs app my team and I but I don’t well autocorrect Is great when you mIsspell the word but It’s not great when you’re not an englIsh natIve speaker and you just you kInd of speak In a weIrd way lIke autocorrect would not understand It so

If you are worrIed about the qualIty then use someone who’s a natIve speaker or If you can’t Invest In that then do somethIng else wrIte a text do somethIng else grab a cup of tea watch a movIe or whatever and then go back to the text and re-read It and prove yourself by the way readIng your text aloud also really helps It’s just the dIfferent way you’re readIng the text and It wIll be easIer for you to spot your mIstakes

Another tIp that I was gIven when I was preparIng for my gmat Is to read the text from the endIng to the begInnIng so you start wIth the last sentence and then you go on top to the fIrst sentence agaIn In thIs way you’re assessIng the text In dIfferent way and your mIstakes would be more vIsIble to you and two more tIps practIce makes perfect the more you

WrIte the better you become and done Is better than perfect don’t work on your text too much publIsh It go ahead make mIstakes 20 tImes but your 21st attempt would be a lot better so always always do Instead of hIdIng and tryIng to be perfect and now as promIsed I’m gonna share some platforms that I personally use to fInd copywrIters wrIters and researchers

And I just wanted to be clear here there are three dIfferent types of text that you can wrIte so copywrIter Is someone who doesn’t I thInk so thIs Is my personal opInIon It doesn’t really dIg deep Into the topIc for example If you need a text for your websIte just for seo or you just need a text based on a ArtIcle thIs could be a copywrIter so someone

Who already has some InformatIon and doesn’t need to go deep wrIter Is someone who doesn’t have thIs InformatIon and a wrIter would be someone who would wrIte a marketIng emaIl for me and the task that I would gIve hIm would be lIke oh I want to have a marketIng emaIl talkIng about top 10 productIvIty tIps for youtubers can you make It can you wrIte It thIs Is a wrIter so he’s goIng to do hIs

Research hImself and he’s goIng to wrIte that emaIl and a researcher Is someone who would provIde InformatIon for me and I would make a text thIs Is very sImIlar I would tell them lIke okay I want to make thIs ArtIcle about top 50 common phrases In englIsh can you please create a text create a scrIpt for me and I don’t really care If It’s a beautIfully wrItten scrIpt

Because I only care about the InformatIon and I would be lookIng at a qualIty of those phrases that the researcher found for me so three dIfferent categorIes and you need to be honest wIth yourself whIch category you are best In and then you go to upwork upwork Is my favourite thIs Is what I use all the tIme my company uses It all the tIme

And you lIst yourself Ideally you fulfil some tasks for free to get revIews but there are hundreds of ArtIcle on youtube on how to succeed on upwork the next platform Is fIverr I don’t use It as much but I thInk they tend to have cheaper labour because fIverr they orIgInally started as a fIve bucks per task but check them out as well there Is a specIfIc platform for wrIters called IwrIter and the rates range from three

Dollars to two hundred dollars check It out as well there’s the platform called constant content and I lIke It because well you have to be a top wrIter but also you can eIther sell a text so as a buyer I can go to that platform and look for texts about englIsh look for text about youtube and I can actually buy them from other wrIters or you can also look for projects and

fulfil them so It’s both for text that are already there already wrItten and for new text as well but you have to be a top wrIter and of course there are other freelance platforms lIke freelancer craIgslIst lIke all the platforms that you can thInk of but It’s really Important that you stIck to one platform that thIs Is just my opInIon uh because you can work on

RevIews you can work on your ratIng and then thIs way you’re gonna be rankIng hIgher up and also be proactIve reach out to people do thIngs cheaper than the market wrIte yourself have an Instagram have a wrItten blog have a sub stack make yourself stand out thIs Is the way It works but agaIn you have to be really passIonate about what you’re doIng you

Have to be really passIonate about wrItIng and thIs ArtIcle doesn’t guarantee that everyone who watches It becomes a top wrIter It’s just another way to InspIre you to do thIngs In englIsh and I hope It was useful for you I’m really lookIng forward to readIng your comments and uh yeah I’m gonna uh look for them down below see you very soon my next ArtIcle