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I received 68 bitcoin from a random address. What should I do, call the police?

I received 68 bitcoin from a random address. What should I do, call the police?

What if someone accidentally sends you bitcoin?

It is not possible to undo or reverse a bitcoin transaction after it has been made because of the way the underlying system works. If you accidentally transferred money to the incorrect person, you need to get in touch with them so they can help you get your money back.

I received 68 bitcoin from a random addres? What to do?

In this particular scenario, I would not take any action. Do not log in either, just in case anything goes wrong. To put it another way, for the time being, you should ignore both the existence of the account and the account connected with it.

First, since it’s quite improbable that anybody would mistakenly send you $750k of their own BC. It is quite unlikely that you will make a transaction of that magnitude, and it is even more unlikely that you would enter the incorrect shipping address information. Both of these outcomes are highly unusual.

The only explanation that makes sense to me is that a hacker who had amassed a large amount of stolen Bitcoin was attempting to relocate or consolidate it, and that he made a mistake and substituted your address for one of the addresses on his list of destination addresses. This is the only explanation that makes sense to me. You’re the fortunate one since he pasted yours.

(1) You have just acquired stolen property, and (2) your home address is included on a list of stolen information.

If you hand it up to the thief, you have basically given them the victory. Since the government wouldn’t be able to do anything useful with it anyhow, I wouldn’t give it to them even if they wouldn’t be able to use it for anything.

The thief will never admit to the crime, and it probably didn’t happen that long ago; rather, it’s probably a collection of smaller sums of Bitcoin Cash that were stolen in the Mt. Gox breach and have been forgotten about since then.

According to US law, bitcoins are not considered currency but property. The statute of limitations for receiving stolen property is three years. Bitcoins fall under this category. If you haven’t logged into that account in three years, it’s possible that you didn’t know it was there, weren’t involved in the theft, and have no idea how or why it ended up in your possession. It’s also possible that you didn’t realise it was there because you haven’t logged into that account in three years. Nevertheless, if you withdraw cash or make a transfer at this time, the transaction will be recorded.

There is a little likelihood that an investigation will be carried out, and it would seem that no one is keeping an eye out for it. After three years, you have complete discretion over what to do with it provided that it is still in your wallet. If you decide to cash out your investment after three years, you are required to report the earnings as income and pay taxes on them.

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