MessengerBot.Ai Review

MessengerBot.Ai Review

Transform Your Customer Interaction with MessengerBot: Your 24/7 Sales Assistant

Are you drowning in a sea of customer queries and messages, struggling to keep up and potentially losing out on sales opportunities? Imagine having a smart chatbot that could handle all your customer interactions, manage social media, and drive sales around the clock. Say hello to Messenger Bot.


Messenger Bot empowers you to boost sales with intelligent automations that guide prospects through your sales funnel. It’s the ultimate AI-powered chatbot for seamless customer engagement on any website or social platform, 24/7.

Supercharge Your Customer Interaction

Messenger Bot is your personal 24/7 assistant, revolutionizing customer interactions, proactive social media engagement, and skyrocketing sales.

MessengerBot.Ai Review

Seamless Automation

Automate repetitive tasks such as lead engagement, inquiries, and audience interactions with Messenger Bot. This intelligent assistant responds contextually to user comments and messages, ensuring personalized interactions. Build chatbots effortlessly using templates and automate responses across Facebook, Instagram, and your website.

  • Engage Seamlessly: Automate social media post scheduling and comment responses.
  • Streamline Content: Auto-post content from your RSS feed, WordPress, or YouTube.
  • Dynamic Visual Builder: Easily build subscriber lists and create email campaign templates.

Sales on Autopilot

Messenger Bot offers tools to automate sales, from product promotions and unique code generation to transaction completions—all within a chat environment. With Messenger Bot working tirelessly, your site visitors can receive instant answers, driving conversions.

Unified Inbox

Keep all your customer interactions in one place with Messenger Bot’s unified inbox. Sync subscribers from tools like ManyChat and Chatfuel, view labels, and manage messaging histories for different groups—all from one dashboard.

Elevate Your Marketing Efforts

In 2023, you shouldn’t have to handle all customer interactions alone. With Messenger Bot, you gain an intelligent assistant that boosts marketing efforts, enhances customer service, and propels sales.

Optimize your sales operations and get lifetime access to Messenger Bot today!

Plans & Features: Choose What Works for You

  • License Tier 1: $59 (Original Price: $240)
    • 1 team member(s)
    • 2 Facebook accounts
    • 10 Facebook pages
    • 10 bulk messages per month
    • 2 messenger e-commerce stores
    • Unlimited chat widgets
    • Unlimited subscribers
    • Unlimited chat sessions

License Tier 2: $99 (Original Price: $600)

  • 3 team member(s)
  • 5 Facebook accounts
  • 25 Facebook pages
  • 25 bulk messages per month
  • 10 messenger e-commerce stores
  • Unlimited chat widgets
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited chat sessions
  • White labeling
  • 3 sub-accounts
  • License Tier 3: $199 (Original Price: $3,600)
    • 6 team member(s)
    • 10 Facebook accounts
    • Unlimited Facebook pages
    • 100 bulk messages per month
    • 25 messenger e-commerce stores
    • Unlimited chat widgets
    • Unlimited subscribers
    • Unlimited chat sessions
    • White labeling
    • 8 sub-accounts

Enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee, ensuring you have ample time to explore and benefit from Messenger Bot!

1. What is Messenger Bot?

Answer: Messenger Bot is an AI-powered chatbot that automates customer interactions, social media engagement, and sales growth, operating 24/7.

2. Can I use Messenger Bot if I have no technical background?

Answer: Absolutely! Messenger Bot is user-friendly, designed for everyone, regardless of technical expertise.

3. Which social media platforms does Messenger Bot support?

Answer: Messenger Bot works seamlessly with Facebook, Instagram, and websites, making it versatile for your digital presence.

4. How can Messenger Bot help boost my sales?

Answer: It automates sales processes, from product promotion to transaction completion, enhancing your conversion rates.

5. Can I schedule social media posts with Messenger Bot?

Answer: Yes, you can schedule posts across different social channels and automate responses and moderation.

6. Is Messenger Bot GDPR-compliant?

Answer: Yes, Messenger Bot is GDPR-compliant, ensuring data protection and privacy for your users.

7. How can I integrate Messenger Bot with other tools and platforms?

Answer: Messenger Bot supports integrations with tools like Mailchimp, PayPal, SendGrid, Twilio, and Zapier.

8. What happens if I need more features or licenses later?

Answer: You can easily upgrade or downgrade between the available license tiers to suit your evolving needs.

9. Can I collaborate with my team using Messenger Bot?

Answer: Yes, Messenger Bot supports team collaboration, allowing multiple team members to work together effectively.

10. Is Messenger Bot suitable for both small businesses and freelancers?

Answer: Indeed, Messenger Bot caters to freelancers, marketers, and small businesses, offering scalability and powerful features for all.


In conclusion, Messenger Bot is the game-changing solution for businesses and freelancers seeking to revolutionize customer interaction, automate social media engagement, and drive sales growth. With its user-friendly interface, intelligent automation, and versatile features, Messenger Bot empowers you to optimize your marketing efforts and provide exceptional customer service. Don’t miss the opportunity to get lifetime access to this powerful AI-driven sales assistant. Elevate your business and seize success with Messenger Bot today!