Instagram will launch Reels to the U.S in August. Reels vs Tiktok

By | July 19, 2020
Instagram will launch Reels to the U.S in August. Reels vs Tiktok

Reels vs Tiktok. Let’s see the growth of Reels in the worldwide.

As the Instagram last year test it’s Tiktok competitor Reels in Brazil; will brings Reels to the U.S in August. As the source said, Tiktok facing scrutiny in Washington for handling the user data amid larger tensions between the United States and China.

Humbaa Tech News

Humbaa Tech News

With Reels, you can make 15-second video clips set to a large library of music. Like Tiktok, user can borrow and remix audio from other peoples videos. You can mimic or create your own content using your voice.

Being viral in Tiktok is a proud thing in the Tiktok world. So same you will see here in Instagram Reels. As there is an Option “Featured Reels” this the section of the most popular videos.

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Facebook first launched Reels in Brazil last November and after that in France and Germany last month. As India is the highest user base for Tiktok, but due to the border security tension and India banned the most downloaded apps in India.

Last week Instagram Reels launched in India also.

According to NBC News, a Facebook spokesperson says Instagram Reels should hit the U.S. and other countries in early August.

Facebook will launch Reels in United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico and 50 approximately countries in August 2020.

Users will be able to access Reels through a new icon at the bottom of their screen in Instagram and post Reels to Instagram’s main feed or Instagram Explore for public accounts.

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