Email for developers

Resend: Revolutionizing Email Sending for Developers

In a digital age where communication is paramount, email remains a steadfast channel for reaching your audience. However, the tools for sending emails have remained stagnant, leaving developers grappling with archaic practices and frustrating limitations. Enter Resend, a visionary platform that’s rewriting the rules of email sending with a laser focus on delivering the ultimate developer experience.

The Gap in the Market: A Developer-First Approach

When surveying the landscape of email service providers, a glaring gap becomes evident. The giants of the industry like Sendgrid, Mailgun, Postmark, and SparkPost emerged over a decade ago and have since been gobbled up by corporate conglomerates. This shift has left these services catering more to enterprise-level needs and profitability, rather than focusing on innovation and developer-centric enhancements.

Resend is here to shatter that mold. It’s not just another email platform; it’s a groundbreaking step toward an exceptional developer experience. The team at Resend recognized that the time was ripe for innovation in the email sphere, and they’re embracing the challenge.

Email for developers
Email for developers

Revolutionizing Email Templates

Have you ever struggled with crafting email templates that reflect the modern web? Resend understands this pain point and has elevated email design to the next level. While traditional solutions limit you to HTML or plain text, Resend introduces a paradigm shift. They’ve harnessed the power of React, the popular JavaScript library, to enable developers to code emails just like they would build web applications. Thanks to their open-source project, available at, Resend empowers you to create stunning emails that seamlessly blend with your app’s design language.

Performance at the Speed of Thought

The sluggishness of existing email platforms is an endemic issue. Sending emails from a single region can lead to frustratingly high latency, especially when your user base spans the globe. Resend tackles this head-on by allowing you to choose the region from which your emails originate—be it the US, Europe, or LATAM. This strategic choice minimizes latency, ensuring your emails reach inboxes swiftly, no matter where your recipients are located.

Unlocking Insights: Enhanced Observability

The opacity that often shrouds email delivery is a thing of the past with Resend. Unlike traditional tools that leave you guessing about the fate of your sent emails, Resend’s approach is refreshingly transparent. It provides a wealth of insights by exposing all the events associated with your emails via webhooks. With this level of observability, you gain an unprecedented understanding of the journey your emails embark on.

Empowering Developers, Not Just Marketers

Existing platforms often feel tailored exclusively to marketers and product managers. Resend, however, is designed with developers in mind. It boasts a clean REST API and SDKs for an array of programming languages, including Node.js, Python, Ruby, Elixir, Go, and Java. Furthermore, Resend walks the talk with practical examples of how to send emails using cutting-edge serverless solutions like Vercel Edge Functions, Cloudflare Workers, and Supabase Edge Functions.

The Driving Force: A Personal Quest for Perfection

Resend’s inception is rooted in the journey of its visionary founder. Having faced the challenges of email delivery at scale during his tenure as a CPO at Liferay, and later as a VP of Developer Experience at WorkOS, he’s been on a relentless pursuit to tackle the shortcomings of email services head-on. Resend is the culmination of his determination to revolutionize the way emails are developed and sent in the modern era.

A Call to Action

Resend is not merely another platform; it’s a rallying cry for a transformation in email sending. It’s a clarion call for developers and businesses alike to step into the future of email, leaving behind the dated practices of the past. The team at Resend invites you to join their mission, to reshape the landscape of email sending for good. Have you encountered the frustrations of email delivery? Resend wants to hear from you—your experiences, your ideas, your feedback—because together, we’re crafting a new era of email communication in 2023 and beyond.

If I subscribed for a year, would I be eligible for a discount of any kind?

A: No, we only offer monthly plans for our services.

What kinds of payments are accepted at your establishment?

A: Yes, you can use any major credit card here.

Is there a free trial that I may take advantage of?

A: No, however we do offer a plan that is free in perpetuity.

When it comes to the number of domains, are there any restrictions?

A: Unlimited domains are included with every Pro subscription by default.

To what extent are there restrictions placed on the size of the teams?

A: Yes, the Pro plans all provide an unlimited number of team members.

Whom should I talk to about creating a bespoke plan?

A: If you’d like us to devise a tailor-made solution that meets your needs, please get in touch with us at

What will happen if I send more emails than the limit that is set for my plan?

A: You will be alerted if you surpass the restrictions of your plan, and you will be offered the opportunity to upgrade to a higher plan if you so choose. Your account may be temporarily canceled if you consistently go above the limits of your current plan and do not update it.