Soundpeats Truebuds True Wireless Earbuds.

True Wireless Earbuds by Soundpeats.

Humbaa Review – Listening music, talking on the phone in working hours is necessarily not possible without earphones nowadays; and let’s see it’s Pro version call earbud the to the technology; we are going to the advance level of life, but wait when we talk about the tech world we have to deal with so many things like buying them first and after that protect from mediums like water and dirt, as well if you are a student you have to deal with money issue as well so I’m here with the earbuds who are really good at quality and so good at a price as well.

True Wireless Earbuds by Soundpeats. img1
True Wireless Earbuds by Soundpeats.

Soundpeats gives all things altogether, as well because they are in a really reasonable price and their quality also define so good at giving an important description.


Their PRO points are:



The buds fit inside the ear so comfortably as you will feel after some time they are not even there, due to lightweight. 🙂

True Wireless Earbuds by Soundpeats.
True Wireless Earbuds by Soundpeats.

Noise cancellation and semi Insider

The design is near to be like Airpods and here why it’s noise cancelling is little disappointing (it’s not necessary that each and every earbud needed to be have a feature of noise cancellation the few earbuds are for safety measures as well) but here we come it doesn’t matter cause it’s really light in weight and good in look and attractive in those black colours.

Easy To Touch And Use Easy to fit

They can easily fit ,if we don’t use ear tips then also they are so comfortable.

True Wireless Earbuds by Soundpeats. img 2
True Wireless Earbuds by Soundpeats.

Easy to carry

The case is small and easy to carry and which contains 100hrs in the case and this is the best part of this Soundpeat earbuds.

Now guys it’s time to tell it’s features:

Ssoundpeats Truebuds True Wireless Earbuds Semi-in-Ear TWS Stereo Bluetooth Earphone, V 5.0 Touch Control Bluetooth Headphones with Mic, 2600mAH Charging Case, Total 70 Hours Playtime, USB-C.

The soundpeats true-buds true wireless earbuds are a good investment, as they are affordable and with high-quality audio comparing to the earbuds in the market at the same price point. With decent battery life, it’s a good choice.

Work as a Mobile Power Bank in emergency.

A single charge gives you around 3.5 hours playtime. 2600mAH large capacity charging case supports another 20 times full charge and works as a mobile power bank in an emergency.

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