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The BatMan 2021 Stunning Movie

The batman
The batman

Batman is a fictional superhero 

Let’s know about Batman and when it’s now set to be released we’ll talk about how the cast and crew are getting ready and why this just could be the beginning of the major movie movement.

Start out by getting the bad news out of the way production of the BatMan; suspended due to coronavirus pandemic but if the franchise can bounce back from Batman vs Superman dawn justice it’ll get through this difficult time.

There’s a new Batman movie out next year, which means two things. One: People are going to complain about Robert Pattinson being cast as the dark knight until the first trailer is released and then he’s going to be the best Batman ever just like you always said he’d be and two: I’m not going to shut up about this film long after it leaves the cinema circuit.

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The original release date was set for June 25, 2021, but it’s been rescheduled to October 1, 2021, and there are lots of reasons to be excited it since batman is such a well-known and well-loved comic book characters; opinion on what fans would like to see in the new movie are not exactly in short supply.

According to actor Robert Pattinson, this film will show us a more flawed version of the Dark Knight and many fans are hoping to get a particular comic book storyline called belong Halloween; the BatMan co-writer Matson Tomlin posted a picture on

Instagram and was all fans needed to decide that this storyline is definitely happening we know that Catwoman the Riddler and Penguin are both in the long Halloween and the BatMan and this would be a great chance to show off Bruce Wayne’s detective skills.

Catwoman Zoe Kravitz
Catwoman Zoe Kravitz

The Zoe Kravitz is working hard to get in Catwoman shape and stay that way since filming was suspended Zoe joked about being able to get fit in that costume when it resumes getting into fighting shape isn’t easy and its only more difficult when you can’t leave the house and head to the gym she’s been working out five days a week while communicating with her personal trainer virtually according to Zoe’s exercise is helping her body and her mental health although this is the first time she’ll be seen on the big screen as Catwoman she voiced the character in the Lego Batman movie.

Robert Pattinson

Surprising we know even less about the Robert Pattinson, he’s workout routine although has been spotted practising Jiju-Jitsu (self-defence martial arts) with Hagen Machado this has caused some fans to speculate that we may not be seeing a totally rip version which is in keeping with what we have heard about the character so far according to the BatMan co-writer Matt Revees he wants this version of the Dark Knight to stand out from the other theatrical version of the character he said ideally he would show off a Batman who’s not yet fully formed although he admits to being inspired by films like Batman Returns and the Dark Knight he’s hoping to bring a different version of the character to the big screen.

Pattinson claims this is a PI man who isn’t formed and he’s new to the who crime fighting things in this film Batwoman and Catwoman maybe getting into fighting shape for the film.

Batwoman on Humbaa

In this film we will see the most exciting transformation.

Colin Farrell Oswald cobblepot
Colin Farrell Oswald cobblepot

Colin Farrel Oswald cobblepot nobody could ever live up to Danny DeVito penguin in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman it’s not fair to compare poor Farrel to such perfection but we are sure he’ll do a fine job with the character instead of hitting the gym he will acquire the penguins unique aesthetic with the help of some carefully placed prosthetics although we haven’t seen an official.

Jeffrey Wright as a Gotham city
Jeffrey Wright as a Gotham city

Jeffrey Wright as a Gotham City police department commissioner Gordan what other explanation could be there for this moustache right one the rollover K Simmons who played Gordon in Justice league Simmon is a talented actor but it’s no surprised.

Justice league Simmon is a talented actor but it’s no surprised. The dc looking to distance itself from that notoriously awful film Wright is not only a talented actor but he will also be the first colour portray commissioner Gordon Jeremy irons played the role of Batman’s butler mentor Alfred pennyworth.

In previous DC EU films but in the Batman they’ll be played by the Andy Serkis Peter Sarsgaard will be acting as Gotham city’s attorney Gil Coulson.

According to Sarsgaard, he’s basically a politician that has trouble telling the truth the funny part of the statement it is a tad unnecessary but we will let that slide he described Coulson pretty distasteful but hasn’t yet elaborated on his role even though Batman is not out yet.

We are already thinking about what comes next and supposedly there are a couple of movies to look forward to DC has a history is getting ahead of itself when it comes to planning out future films but the idea of another Batman’s trilogy is certainly exciting deadlines reported that the batman will be the first of three movies showing

Some of our heroes formative years as he goes from billionaire to billionaire vigilante is following the success of Marvel cinematic universe DC has tried to get its own cinematic universe off the ground with the less then Stella results although the Batman was developed to be 11th film in the DC extended universe.

Robert pattinson batman

robert pattinson batman
Robert pattinson batman

Fans have been wondering how the reboot of the Batman franchise will fit in DC chief creative officer Jim Lee spoke about the film during the Chicago comic and entertainment expo and mention it along with the upcoming suicide squad and blackout man wonder woman 1984, when talking about the future of the DC extended universe, of course, there would have to be some serious reconning of previous films in order to make this work but if DC really wants us to forget about the

Justice league movie existing well that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world everyone has their own opinion on who was the best Batman and know the fact that Ben Affleck wasn’t Batman vs Superman and Justice League doesn’t mean he was terrible but the fact that he no longer attached to this project means it could be a good chance for the DC EU to move forward and let go of what clearly didn’t work regarding this character.

After all the joker we saw in the suicide squad was pretty much universally panned but the joker was huge success DC even has bonus time to work on the Batman and make it best film it can beat and possibly the start to an amazing Trilogy.

Batman Logo – Evolution of the Batman logo.

Batman Logo - Evolution of the Batman logo pic 1
Batman Logo – Evolution of the Batman logo pic 1
Batman Logo - Evolution of the Batman logo pic 2
Batman Logo – Evolution of the Batman logo pic 2

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