13 Top Virtual Card Providers for Business Spending April 2024

Virtual Card Providers

Ditch the Plastic: Unleashing the Power of Virtual Cards for Business Spending

In today’s digital age, where transactions happen at lightning speed, businesses are seeking innovative solutions to streamline their spending. Enter the world of virtual cards, a revolutionary tool that’s rewriting the rules of business finance. Unlike their tangible counterparts, virtual cards exist solely in the digital realm, offering a powerful combination of security, control, and convenience for businesses of all sizes.

Imagine a world where employee expenses are instantly approved and tracked, budgets remain sacrosanct, and fraudulent activities are caught in their tracks before they can inflict damage. This is the reality that virtual cards bring to the table. Forget the cumbersome paper trail of traditional expense reports; virtual cards offer real-time insights into every transaction, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their financial performance.

But that’s not all. Virtual cards elevate security to a whole new level. No more worries about lost or stolen cards leading to unauthorized transactions. With the ability to lock or delete cards instantly and set spending limits for individual users and categories, virtual cards provide businesses with the ultimate peace of mind.

So, if you’re ready to ditch the plastic and embrace the future of business spending, read on! This guide will delve into the exciting world of virtual cards, exploring their benefits, features, and the top providers in the market. Get ready to discover a smarter, more efficient way to manage your business finances and unlock a world of possibilities.

1. Wallester

Wallester empowers businesses to issue branded virtual and physical cards, adapting to various processes. Its white-label platform integrates seamlessly with existing systems, saving time and resources. Wallester provides innovative solutions for gift cards, becoming a complete payment tool.

2. Moss

Moss: Virtual Card Powerhouse

Moss offers virtual cards for businesses, simplifying expense management. Create unlimited cards, set budgets, and enjoy flexible payment options. Increase online security and streamline your operations with Moss’s powerful tools.

3. Airbase

Airbase virtual cards offer businesses secure, controlled spending with automated expense tracking. Generate single-use cards for specific purchases, track spending in real-time, and eliminate expense reports. Airbase integrates seamlessly with accounting software for effortless reconciliation.


  • Enhanced security
  • Streamlined expense management
  • Real-time spending visibility
  • Automated accounting
  • Improved budgeting and forecasting

Ideal for:

  • Online subscriptions
  • Travel expenses
  • Vendor payments
  • Employee reimbursements

Start using Airbase virtual cards today and experience the power of secure, controlled spending!

4. Intergiro

Intergiro is a Swedish fintech company revolutionizing the way businesses access financial services. Their cloud-based platform empowers developers and entrepreneurs with powerful APIs to:

  • Embed financial services: Integrate payments, virtual cards, and multi-currency IBAN accounts directly into your platform.
  • Build innovative products: Create next-generation financial solutions like neobanks, payment processing platforms, and more.
  • Automate business finances: Streamline workflows, simplify payments, and reduce administrative costs.

With Intergiro, businesses can:

  • Go global: Reach new markets with multi-currency support and global payment options.
  • Scale with ease: Their API-first approach allows for flexible and scalable solutions.
  • Gain control: Manage finances, track spending, and gain valuable insights through their user-friendly dashboard.

Intergiro is the perfect partner for:

  • Startups and scaleups: Build your financial infrastructure quickly and efficiently.
  • Platforms and marketplaces: Offer seamless financial experiences to your users.
  • Established businesses: Digitize your operations and improve financial efficiency.

5. is a leading virtual card provider offering a comprehensive suite of payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their innovative platform enables you to:

  • Issue virtual cards: Generate single-use or recurring virtual cards for various purposes, including online purchases, subscriptions, and employee reimbursements.
  • Manage payments: Streamline your payment process with bulk card issuance, automated payments, and real-time transaction monitoring.
  • Reward customers: Boost customer engagement with loyalty programs and targeted promotions, offered through their virtual card system.
  • Enhance security: Protect your business with advanced fraud detection tools and multi-factor authentication.

With, you can:

  • Reduce costs: Eliminate processing fees associated with traditional credit cards.
  • Increase efficiency: Automate workflows and save time on manual tasks.
  • Improve security: Mitigate fraud risk with single-use virtual cards.
  • Gain insights: Track spending patterns and make informed financial decisions. offers a diverse range of virtual card solutions to meet your specific needs:

  • Universal virtual cards: Ideal for everyday online purchases.
  • Advertising cards: Designed for online advertising platforms.
  • Private BIN cards: Offer complete control over card spending and access.
  • Gift cards: The perfect way to reward employees, partners, and customers.

6. Pleo

Pleo empowers businesses with secure, convenient virtual cards that seamlessly connect to your corporate account. Optimize expense management, reduce administrative burden, and ensure compliance with company policies.


  • Direct Payments: Eliminate petty cash and expense reports.
  • Real-time Tracking: Track spending in real-time and gain valuable insights.
  • Policy Enforcement: Set spending limits and enforce budget controls.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Automate processes and save time.
  • Reduced Costs: Eliminate manual processing fees and paperwork.

Ideal for:

  • Business Travel: Simplify travel expenses and reimbursements.
  • Online Subscriptions: Manage recurring payments effortlessly.
  • Employee Perks and Rewards: Offer flexible and budget-friendly benefits.
  • Vendor Payments: Streamline payments and improve supplier relationships.

Choose Pleo and experience the future of expense management.

7. Mesh

Mesh empowers businesses with an all-in-one solution for corporate card management, expense tracking, and accounting. Issue virtual cards, set spending limits, and gain real-time insights, all within one platform.


  • Quick and Secure: Virtual cards offer instant issuance and enhanced fraud protection.
  • Streamlined Management: Easily track spending, automate reports, and eliminate paperwork.
  • Centralized Control: Set budgets, manage approvals, and enforce expense policies.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Gain real-time insights into spending patterns and identify areas for improvement.

Mesh is ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to:

  • Save time and resources
  • Increase transparency and accountability
  • Gain control over spending
  • Make data-driven financial decisions

Take control of your corporate spending today with Mesh.

8. Stampli

Stampli is a leading cloud-based platform transforming the way businesses manage their accounts payable (AP) processes. With Stampli, you can:

  • Automate manual tasks: Eliminate paper checks, manual data entry, and tedious approvals.
  • Streamline workflows: Route invoices, manage approvals, and make payments faster.
  • Reduce costs: Lower processing fees, eliminate fraud risks, and improve financial efficiency.
  • Gain control: Track spending in real-time, enforce spending limits, and gain valuable insights.

Stampli offers:

  • Virtual card payments: Issue secure, single-use virtual cards for added security and control.
  • Early payment discounts: Secure discounts by paying vendors early with Stampli’s early payment program.
  • Document storage: Store and access all invoices and related documents electronically.
  • Real-time reporting: Gain insights into your spending patterns and make informed financial decisions.

Benefits for businesses:

  • Improved cash flow: Increased processing speed leads to faster payments and improved cash flow.
  • Reduced errors: Automation reduces manual data entry and minimizes errors.
  • Enhanced security: Virtual cards and document storage ensure data security and compliance.
  • Increased productivity: Save time and resources with automated workflows.

Stampli is ideal for:

  • Businesses of all sizes: Streamline AP processes regardless of company size.
  • Finance teams: Automate tasks and gain valuable financial insights.
  • Operations teams: Improve efficiency and collaboration with vendors.
  • Accounting firms: Offer clients a modern and efficient AP solution.

9. Tribal

Tribal: Prepaid Power for E-commerce

Tribal provides e-businesses with prepaid virtual cards, offering a secure and convenient alternative to traditional cards. These cards function like debit cards, but without the need for a bank account or credit line. Enjoy flexibility and control over your online spending with Tribal.

10. Karta

Karta: Your Secure Financial Hub

Karta empowers you to manage your finances confidently with its secure and convenient virtual card platform. Store and manage all your credit and debit cards in one digital wallet for easy access and control. Enjoy enhanced security and peace of mind with Karta.

11. Extend

Extend is a virtual card platform that allows you to create secure, disposable cards for online payments. These cards are linked to your existing bank account, giving you complete control over your spending.


  • Enhanced Security: Protect your personal and financial information by using virtual cards for online purchases.
  • Increased Convenience: Generate disposable cards for each transaction, eliminating the need to carry multiple cards.
  • Flexible Spending: Load your virtual cards with any amount, ensuring you don’t overspend.
  • Peace of Mind: Extend offers fraud protection, real-time monitoring, and data encryption for added security.

Ideal for:

  • Online shopping: Make secure and convenient online purchases without exposing your financial information.
  • Subscription services: Manage recurring payments easily by creating dedicated virtual cards.
  • Travel expenses: Protect yourself from fraud while traveling by using virtual cards for all your travel-related expenses.
  • Gift cards: Send secure and personalized gift cards to friends and family.

13. Airwallex

Reach the world with Airwallex virtual cards. Issued in collaboration with leading card networks and financial institutions, Airwallex virtual cards are accepted in over 200 countries.

Enjoy the flexibility and control you need:

  • Set spending limits for precise budget management.
  • Add and remove funds easily to stay in control.
  • View detailed transaction histories for complete transparency.

Airwallex ensures your peace of mind:

  • Leading-edge data security protects your sensitive information.
  • Advanced fraud prevention measures keep your finances safe.
  • Dedicated customer service team is always available to assist you.

Make global payments easier than ever with Airwallex virtual cards.

14. Emburse

Emburse empowers businesses with a comprehensive expense management platform, streamlining expense reporting, reimbursements, and corporate card programs.


  • Automated Expense Tracking: Capture receipts electronically and automatically generate reports.
  • Streamlined Reimbursements: Reduce manual processing and provide employees with faster reimbursements.
  • Corporate Card Management: Issue virtual and physical cards, set spending limits, and track spending in real-time.
  • Compliance and Control: Enforce company policies, prevent fraud, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Ideal for:

  • Businesses of all sizes: Streamline expense management and save time and money.
  • Finance teams: Gain control over spending, improve visibility, and make informed financial decisions.
  • Employees: Easily submit expense reports and get reimbursed quickly.

Start your free trial today and experience the power of Emburse!

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