10 Lines On Onam For Kids

Children in the lower elementary grades are given a theme related to Onam and are obliged to write a few sentences about it.

Children who are having trouble writing an essay for classes 1 and 2 may use the example that is provided below as a reference that will make writing about the topic much simpler.

One of the most important festivals in Kerala, Onam is held in the months of August or September.

The event is celebrated to honour King Mahabali, who was known for his kindness and wealth throughout his reign.

10 Lines On Onam For Kids

Mythology has it that Mahabali was a beloved and adored monarch in Kerala owing to the bravery, character, and leadership he displayed throughout his reign.

Within his realm, everyone was content and lived a fulfilling life.

To put Lord Vishnu’s morality to the test, the deity assumed the form of a little Brahmin and went to Mahabali, where he pleaded with him for three yards of land.

In addition, he insisted that he was only interested in the parcels of land that could be traversed by himself using just his feet.

This was something that Mahabali wholeheartedly agreed with. The small brahmin suddenly ballooned up to the size of a cosmic being, much to everyone’s amazement.

After that, he took one step, and with that one step, he encompassed the whole world. He proceeded forward one more step, covering the whole of the sky.

After realising the Lord Vishnu had so much strength, Mahabali prostrated himself before him and offered to be Vishnu’s third step.

Moksha was achieved for Lord Vishnu as a result of his stepping on Mahabali’s head.

In his petition to the Lords, Mahabali begged that he be allowed to visit his country once every year.

10 Lines On Onam For Kids

  1. Onam is a festival that is held every year to commemorate the return of King Mahabali to his kingdom.
  2. According to the Malayalam calendar, the holiday of Onam is celebrated during the first month of the Chingam calendar.
  3. In addition, it is a celebration of the harvest, and traditionally, people have feasted in honour of the occasion.
  4. During the festival of Onam, people create rangoli and adorn their homes with flowers.
  5. The festival is a celebration that lasts for 10 days, with the very first day and the very last day being particularly noteworthy.
  6. Kaikotikali is a traditional kind of folk dance that is only performed by women.
  7. Onam is a wonderful holiday that is celebrated with tremendous fervour and beauty in the Indian state of Kerala.