Akudama Drive bags the Anime of the Year Award

By | March 3, 2021

Anime of the Year Award and as well best anime in original screenplay award goes to Akudama Drive. The reason for its success is the Pacing of story, all the action, science fiction, animation and Its pure cyberpunk. This Anime is a must watch if you like Cyberpunk Genre

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Set up in Dystopian Futuristic Japan, Akudama Drive Anime Series Debuted on October 8 2020 In Japan and ended on December 24 With 12 episodes of Total. Akudama Drive Anime Series Is based on Manga of the same name by author Rokurou Oogaki. Studio Pierrot and Japanese video game developer Too Kyo Games did a wonderful job on animation Under Director Tomohisa Taguchi.

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Akudama Drive Plot:

** If you haven’t watched the series and are wary of spoilers so please stop. **

Set in post war Kansai, Akudama are the highly skilled criminals and dregs of society who are capable of carrying out any difficult tasks when provided with money accordingly.

Four S-Rank Akudama Courier, Brawler, Hacker and Doctor recieved a task to rescue a akudama Cutthroat, the top-ranking criminal in the city with nine hundred and ninety-nine murders with an estimated 967 years of prison sentence who was to be executed on the same day but as events unfolded, akudamas were told that this task was just a test to see whether the abilities of these criminals are suitable for a much harder mission.

There were 2 others who got caught in this mess, an ordinary girl mistakenly detained in the police station for not paying at a takoyaki store and a low ranking akudama serving a 4-year sentence.

The ending of the series is quite heartbreaking as the main characters die while completing the mission but don’t worry you won’t be spitting at the story as everything is set very accordingly.

Akudama Drive Characters


Akudama Characters

Swindler: An ordinary girl caught in the commotion but as the story continues she becomes a major character understanding people at their hearts and a morale booster

Courier: He Transports things as requested in exchange for money. Estimated prison Sentence 745 years

Brawler: He Loves fighting and finding the most challenging enemy to fight. Estimated prison sentence 348 years

Hacker: He is a Notorious Young Man skilled in hacking high-end security systems for his own entertainment. Hacking into government and private banks is nothing but a child’s play for him. Estimated prison sentence 589 years

Doctor: She is a tall, beautiful, pink-haired woman skilled in healing injuries and instant killing with medical equipment. Later becomes antagonist and is removed from the Akudama list for cooperating with executioners.

Hoodlum: a greedy man trying to act bold, imprisoned for theft and blackmail and was serving a 4-year sentence before being caught into the Shinkansen mess. Later becomes emotionally attached to Brawler.

Cutthroat: Top ranking criminal in city with nine hundred and ninety nine murders. Estimated prison sentence 967 years.



Executioners Operate in duo as master pupil to incite the feeling of living on so to minimise casualties.

Boss of Executioners: She Is the chief of executioners and receives commands directly from kanto.

Akudama Drive Season 2 Release Date and Possibility

Since the anime adapted the full storyline from manga and manga is completed, it’s highly possible there won’t be a season 2 but if a sequel is announced, we’ll update it here.

Akudama Drive Season 2

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