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Great software for file sharing

Files By Google is also known as Files Go is an amazing app for file management and initially released on 5th December 2005. The supportive platform is Android devices.

You can do many things by using Files Go like clean up storage, offline file transfer, media consumption and many more.

Managing files are just very important today because if you don’t manage your file then it can create problems like phone hanging, storage issues and many more. Android users mainly have lots of apps and media on their smart-phone and so that, they face a lot of problems as I told you before.

Files Go By Google an amazing app built by Google for the world.

Having many apps and media in phones are just common but managing files are a necessity because it helps you to use a smooth device again as it was before.

Files Go By Google has amazing features which are enough to amaze you. It has it’s three main features – Clean, Browse and Share. These three features are made for the demands of people’s need. Now before moving towards many questions related Files Go, it is important to have deep information about its features.

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So without further delay, let’s get started.. 😁

1. Clean -✨ Free up space 

Everyone face storage issues in their smartphones as it has become a common problem nowadays. There are many apps available to solve this problem but if you want a best and easy solution for this, so nothing is best than Files Go by Google.

Yes, You read correctly😊. Files Go by Google is the best application for storage cleaning which I personally use and I am writing this post to tell you all about its advantages and benefits.

Files By Google
Files By Google

The first display will open as Clean when you will open the Files Go app. There you will see different categories according to your media for example- Junk Files, Whatsapp Medias, Whatsapp Videos, Screen Shorts, Large media and Any other application media which you use,

Duplicate media etc. And you will also get to know the storages covered by each category which I mentioned above. After clicking into those categories, you will have two options – deleting all items or selecting items to delete.

Delete all duplicate medias
Delete all duplicate medias

If you guys want to clean your duplicate media so you need to do is, just click on “delete all duplicate medias” and all duplicates will be deleted except your original ones.

You may also have a question that how to restore videos for files go app cancelled? So. When you open any video category, you get the option of deleting any video but at that moment you will notice a cancel option there so; if you click on that, your videos will not delete but if you delete it; so it will delete permanently. So this is just so easy and so helpful for storage cleaning which you people should use.

2. Browse – 🔍 Find files faster 

Browse Find files faster
Browse – Find files faster 

The second feature is the Browse. Here you will see many categories like Downloads, Images, Videos, Apps, Audios, Documents, Files and Apps. In the bottom, you can see the remaining internal storage. By selecting any category, you will be able to open it and also get many options like share, move to safe folder, file information, rename, delete, backup with Google Drive etc.

Move to the safe folder is one of the best options that you get here, and you guys may be known about safe folder i.e., secure folders and I can say locked one which no one can mess with except you. And if I talk about its share option so by choosing this option, you can share your any media to other platforms like Whatsapp, Gmail, Telegram etc.

3. Share ↔️ files offline 

As you people already know that with many Chinese apps, Xender and Shareit also banned in India but no need to worry about it because Files by Google is a one-man army😎. Yes, you can share files, media with Files Go By Google and Damn it is so easy to use. Without the internet, you can share your large files. What else do you want now?

4.☁️ Back up files to the cloud BACKUP FILES TO THE CLOUD on Files By Google.

Back up files to the cloud BACKUP FILES TO THE CLOUD on Files By Google.
Back up files to the cloud BACKUP FILES TO THE CLOUD on Files By Google.

If you want to keep a file forever, select it from the Files menu and back it up to Google Drive or any other cloud storage app. Save them forever without taking space on your phone.

Now, I’m sure that you guys know well about Files By Google and your all queries have been solved related to this. But😊 as you guys know me, I clear every point related to the articles which I write so, I’m answering the basic questions which you people may ask about Files Go By Google.

So Let’s Get Started…

1. How to register in google file app?

There is no process of registration available here. After installing Files By Google app, you just have to click on the continue and allow Files By Google to access your media, photos and files. That’s it, you are all set to use it.

2. How do I get my Files Go By Google rewards?

The first thing which you need to do is, install Files By Google and open it. After opening, go to the Share category. Now, You will be asked by Google File to link your Google pay to get the rewarded points. After linking your Google account with this, you can visit the setting and start transferring the files and enjoy!

Hey Guys! I saved 2gb space on my phone by using the Files Go By Google app and I would love to know about how much you save by using this amazing app. And Can you save more than me? let me know in the comment section below.

Thank You!

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