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Free Vendor Management Software

free vendor management software
free vendor management software

Best Vendor Management Software 2021

We earlier in this article explained that what is vendor management you can read it. As we gave a detailed explanation about what is a vendor management system.

We have the best deals here from the Humbaa vendor management experts.

If you need coordination between multiple vendors, to fulfil orders then this software will help you.

We will discuss here the software and its features. The software can be intelligent to identify, that what will be required to complete a particular type of the order from a customer.

The software can be set to manage your process till the end. We will help you with these questions What is the purpose of vendor management software? OR Where this software can be used?

Best Free Vendor Management Software

There is the best vendor management software, you can easily manage your vendors.

What is Vendor Management Software?

If you are a shopkeeper, or very big marketplace, a retailer, a small business owner or a multimillion-dollar business owner, you need the best vendor management software to deal with the cumbersome tasks.

Vendor management software helps you to manage costs, track progress, it will also manage the relationship and quality of products of the third-party vendors.

free vendor management software
free vendor management software

Zoho Creator Vendor Management App

We will discuss the Zoho creator VendorManagement App today. Basically, this software manages lots of vendors at the same time.

We know that we need raw material from an “X” vendor who is excelled in that production, and we need other products from the “Y” vendor. Sometimes, as per our business needs and budget, we need multiple products, spare parts from the different-different vendors. As they are providing the various varieties and brands, so the owner often feels clueless that, who is providing what.

And there is a chance that the owner faces loss, as the receipt is given by vendors, which often confuses the owner.

And this is a cumbersome task, here the best vendor management software comes.

But don’t worry, there are many vendor management software available in the market which provides class functionality.

With Zoho Creator, you can manage the hard tasks with his comprehensive vendor management system.

Zoho creator helps you to manage:

  1. Vendors Database
  2. Rating System
  3. Vendor Contrats

Which will help you to find the best vendors, which will also help to give them new contracts. Also, Zoho creator provides the vendors’ database, which will help the business owner.

By using this software we can create a rating system for vendors, which will help you in the future, that either you want to renew the contract or not, according to the vendor behaviour, their quality of the product, for a certain vendor.

This will make the process crystal clear, so here we are explaining that how this vendor management software or application works.

We are taking an example of Zoho Creator Vendor Management Software.

As shown in the above screenshot, you need to create your application page name first. We are giving the application name vendor management.

The first form we are going to create is the Product form, click on the create button.

After clicking on the create a new form, you will see a new

Then you will prompt “how do you want to create your form?” which basically used by a database of the products.

We want to create this form from the scratch and that’s why we selected the creat from scratch option.

In this above option, we will name this form as “Products”

Click on the Single-line field for the product name, and the multiline field for description.

Next, we have to create add vendor form.

In this field, all the database of the vendor is available, their phone number address, email, countries.

Here you can drag and drop the contact details, you can import the contacts, You can add forms.

We create the two basic forms, the best feature of this Zoho vendor management software is that you can able to handle the contracts to the vendors and also you will able to rate the vendors accordingly.

Here you can renew the contract as per your needs.

The next form we are going to create is the contract form, here we click on the “Lookup” option.

Thereafter we are creating the vendor name. Drag and drop the currency field. Also, Drag and drop the “Product” field.

We later have to choose two dates, the start date and the end date. Now we have to drag and drop the File upload field. Here you are able to upload the legal document or a contract.

You can upload it here, whatever formate the document file has, either JPG, PDF or

Word document. Just give a name to the Upload File, I am giving the “Contact File” name.

Now we have to create the most important task, where you are able to rate the vendors.

For that, create a new form for that, name it”Rate your vendor”

Now we need to drag and drop two lookup fields, the first one is vendor name and the second one is the product name.

Then we need to drag and drop some radio field, first one is Quality, Delivery, Price, Service, And Risk.

In the Choices section, you need to choose, Poor, Average, And Excellent.

For the calculation of the average rating, we need to drag and drop A decimal field to calculate the average rate.

After that, we have to create the workflow, which will automatically create the rating. Click on the create a new component, you can create your component from scratch as shown in the figure.

So, for that we are going to select the Run workflow on any activity in the form, we choose the form and name it to Rate your vendor.

Name your workflow, I am naming “rate your vendor”

After that, the Zoho support team will contact you and guide you on how to deluge code here. The Zoho support team is excellent, personally, I am using their services.

After the following coding part, you need to save the form.

So, we have successfully created the form, we need to click on the “Access this application” in the upper right corner.

Now we are creating a contract, we will name our vendor in the name field, we will fill in all the details as shown there. All your contact information will be saved.

So, now we are going to create a rating system, You can rate your vendor by giving him Poor, Average, Excellent.

As shown in this picture, the average rating is 6.60

This rating system in the vendor management system is will help you to decide for the next time, either you want to deal with that vendor or not.

Or this rating system will help you when you are purchasing raw materials from the different-different vendors.

I must say, go for this life save software, and stay away from the cumbersome task of vendor management.

So, frankly, if you owner of a small business or big business, I press here to buy the best vendor management software, as this vendor risk management software will absolutely help you.

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