How to Remove Suggested People on Messenger

How do I get rid of suggested contacts on Messenger? What does the suggested list on messenger mean?

If you are using the Facebook App, or Facebook web version, then you definitely noticed one thing. That there is a suggested list on messenger. So, how do I get rid of suggested contacts on messenger?

So, first, you have to go to the messenger and after that, you will see your chats with the various peoples.

So, in the bottom right corner, you will see the “People” Option, click on that option. After clicking on the People option, a new page will open.

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How do I turn off suggested friends on Facebook?

Here you will see suggest peoples, So, how to remove Suggested People on Messenger?

Simply, you will see a cross sign in infront of the suggested peoples, just tap on the cross it and you

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  1. Sorry, no “X” in front of Suggested list under “Search” on Android messenger. Editing of contacts is possible only for Recent Searches but not for Suggested.


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