If you have just got a new MacBook, you’ll more likely be spending some time setting up customizations that you want. And, when you are an avid gamer, too, there are some extra considerations that you have to keep in mind to make your MacBook gaming-ready.

This article will provide you with the necessary tips you should know about your MacBook use for better workflow while gaming or performing other resource-intensive tasks.

Scale Screen Settings

Even though Mac has default screen scaling or resolution, it cannot work appropriately for all users. Hence, you can customize it accordingly through the Display option in System Preferences (Apple icon on the screen’s top-left corner). Here, you can adjust the text size and screen space as per your requirement.

Optimize MacBook for Video Games

For gaming, you would need a larger screen estate. If you experience flickering screen issues, fix them before starting the gameplay for an uninterrupted experience.

Set up Backup Plan

The MacBook has backup software with each copy of the Mac operating system. But, it’s good to back up your Mac on an external hard drive. You can send data to iCloud or use an external storage media. By sending data to iCloud or other Cloud storage solutions, you can access the stored data anytime, ensuring you’re connected to the internet.

You may need ample storage for downloading high-end video games or enjoying seamless gameplay. So, make sure you have free gigabytes before you proceed.

Change Default Scrolling

The next thing you can do to optimize your MacBook for gaming is to change the default settings in System Preferences and modify the tracking speed. By default, the tracking speed sets to level four; shifting it to level nine will speed up the response time of the Trackpad, and you can play efficiently.

The other settings you may change are under Point & Click. macOS makes users forcefully press down on the Trackpad when clicking something. By turning on the Tap to Click option, you can initiate clicks by simply tapping on the Trackpad. 

Clear System Storage

Lack of storage space can slow down your Mac performance which is annoying, particularly during gameplay. Hence, it is significantly important to make more storage space available on your Mac. To view disk space, go to the Apple menu, click About This Mac, and tap Storage. Here, you’ll find macOS-related files and data. It includes temp files & cache or application leftovers.

Free up the space by deleting unneeded media, files in the Downloads folder, and emails. Other methods include uninstalling unwanted apps, compressing infrequently used files, and removing unwanted users.

Stop Login Items

Your Mac has to perform faster to deliver a speedy gaming experience as no one wants performance lags in between gameplay. Login items are the apps and processes that turn active each time your device boots up. They consume a lot of system resources, including memory, storage, processing power, and more.

You can speed up your MacBook by disabling unnecessary startup items. Click on the Apple menu, select System Preferences, go to Users & Groups, and click on the Login Items tab. Select items and remove them from the list by clicking the – (minus) sign.   

Configure Game Settings

Optimizing macOS for gaming will make it more responsive for playing high-end games. You can also tweak individual game settings after downloading it on the device. The game settings are different for all the games, and you have to configure them accordingly. Some settings are general for all games, such as the Graphics settings, which you can adjust to Low, Medium, or High.

You can also tweak the screen resolution settings by navigating to Options or Game Settings. Deciding the best setting for each game is possible only after playing one session at least.

Enable Trackpad’s Three-Finger Drag

In a MacBook, there is a touch gesture known as the three-finger drag. Using this handy feature, you are free to move items on the device. This can speed up gaming as you save a lot of time and clicks to act. To use this feature, you’ve to enable it by clicking the checkbox next to Enable dragging.

Enable the gesture by navigating to the System Preferences. Next, click on Accessibility, select Pointer Control, tap Trackpad Options, and then select three-finger drag. 

Enable Keyboard Navigation

Learning a few shortcuts may enable you to speed up your gaming. Some of the macOS keyboard shortcuts generally apply to all the games, while some key combinations are unique to particular games. So, the more you explore the shortcut keys, the more you become comfortable using them.  

To enable keyboard shortcuts, enable the Use keyboard navigation option by navigating to the System Preferences, clicking Keyboard, and tapping Shortcuts.


Most of these tips and tricks will enable MacBook users to configure their devices to get the full potential while gaming. As Apple releases its new OS versions and other updates, it’s good to check out the latest upgrades to ensure enhanced longevity.

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