TFW (That Feel When)

By | August 20, 2020
What is TFW (That Feel When)

What does TFW meaning?

It is used during chats and online conversation, social network sites and chat rooms, for it to function, anybody perusing for TFW text or post ought to appreciatively understand relate with the feeling you are looking to pass on regardless of whether you presenting a ridiculous situation, TFW is usually accompanied by an image or video which can give humour or clarity of meaning.

TFW is ‘the feel when‘, that feeling when or ‘that face when’ it is used to convey emotions referring to personal experience.

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Definition of TFW

We can use it in lots of situation, it usually comes at the beginning of the social media post or sentence to describe how someone feels at the moment, like other internet idioms.

A most common place to find it would be on Instagram or Facebook posts mostly, memes.

How TFW used.

The public generally used to take some kind of passionate feelings in any specific conditions that are related to enough for other people online to know exactly what you mean, they come up with their own explanation.

If someone says ‘the feel when’ to their loved ones it means they love the feeling when you get and that they feel when …

In a way, TFW is more like a meme than an actual idiom you use in a sentence. TFW used first or middle of the sentence.

Origine of TFW.

TFW came from one of the meme ‘ I know that feel bro’ which in the beginning represents simply pinched humans hugging each other insensibility.

How to use TFW.

TFW usually begins the emotional diffusion and is sometimes followed, circumstances running the scope from being amusing to irritating is this type of words, especially when writers see the amusing images or videos that typically accompany the message or post.

How to use TFW in conversation.

• TFW all the cookies are gone.

• TFW , you don’t have to apologize for being hot.

• TFW you stop to editing to forecast launch podcast.

• TFW, finally move in a day.

• TFW, you finish your call list.

• TFW, when there are multiple cheaters in your game.

• Justin Bieber haters , shhhhhhh , TFW.

• Congratulation bolt , we are excited for you, TFW.

• TFW, you realise it is laz Diaz , begins the plate.

• TFW, stream is just going too good.

• TFW, you see someone at the departmental store, without mask.

• TFW , you splash ice in your whiskey.

• TFW , you are so close to airport.

• TFW, my cat is sleeping.

• TFW, your favourite dry erase marker die.

• TFW, you are eating something cold.

• TFW, when you and your partner finally paddle the bicycle in sync.

This idiom is used when you want to express your feeling that you have felt when the incident happened with you.

You want you can use this with the not so boring kind of sentence as well even if the sentence is not relating.

This lead to the rise in images, videos, , emojis, the “TFW” is also growing daily.

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