What does HMU mean? Or How to use HMU?

Basically HMU stands for ‘Hit Me Up‘. HMU used to get ask for to contact someone. HMU is discovered by North American people.

For example , if anyone tells you HMU, then the person is saying you should contact them through any means; you can call , message or email them. HMU is mostly used as a social media idome.

Hit me up implies ‘Contact me in the most appropriate way for you at the time it’s call for contextual communication’.

What is HMU?

‘Hit me up’ , hit someone up. Hit me up for something. This is usually how it is used it means ask me for something , if you need something hit him up .

‘Hit me up’ is a great expression. So why do we say to hit somebody up well that is to tell them ‘hey can I get your help?’. So it doesn’t mean to hit or punch them. It means to ask them something.

What if what can you offer is there something that you offer can i hit you up for something. Let me know etc.

How to use HMU

These are the sentences which can give you idea to use HMU.

~ if you find the t-shirt , I lost at your home please HMU

~ don’t forget to HMU after the exam

~ HMU when you want me:)

~ HMU I’m on my way.

~ can anyone HMU?

~ New post HMU…

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