What is Steins Gate?

By | September 24, 2020

Steins gate characters.

I don’t normally post like “I just watched adult anime, here is how amazing I found it”. But honestly, I just can’t stop myself from posting this.

Normally when I have watched a really amazing and good anime, Regardless if the ending was good or bad. I usually feel the need for more.

Be it I wasn’t satisfied with how it ended(No closure, lots of wide-open plot holes etc..) or just in love with a series and want more of it(The latter one isn’t bad “per se”, but it makes me look for the source material –> reading the light novels).

But I have never experienced something similar to what I have after finishing Steins; Gate series and the movie.

Even most of my favourite anime series make me go into this “Post anime depression” and wanting more(Even tho it might have been an amazing series). After watching Steins: Gate, however.

I’m at perfect ease and should I say inner peace. The ending was perfect and gave me full closure. I have no feeling of wanting more, It was a hell of a ride and imperfectly satisfied about it ending.

I have never had this feeling before. I’m just generally really happy right now. “I want more episodes, I want more Houhin Kyouma and Makise! I want more World line time travel theories!” is what I would 98% of the time have said about any other series. But honestly, I don’t really feel the need for more Steins: Gate content.

I do realize that “most” series, well those that don’t have a downright bad unexplained and unsatisfied ending. Do this for marketing reasons. So they can sell more source material, Light novels/Manga’s and thus earn more money.

But I want to believe that once in a while there are some rare exceptions, people that want to make a good anime series for the sake of being a really good anime, and piece of art/story. And I truly think Steins; Gate is a part of this rare exception.

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Steins gate characters.

Rintaro Okabe – [Voice Over]Mamoru Miyano[Japanese] – J. Michael Tatum[English]

Rintaro-Okabe on Humbaa.com

Kurisu Makise – [Voice Over]Asami Imai[Japanese] – Trina Nishimura[English]

Kurisu_Makise on Humbaa.com

Mayuri Shiina– Kana Hanazawa[Japanese]- Ashly Burch[English]

Mayuri-Shiina on Humbaa.com

Itaru “Daru” Hashida – Tomokazu Seki[Japanese]- Tyson Rinehart[English]

Itaru "Daru" Hashida on Humbaa.com
Itaru “Daru” Hashida on Humbaa.com

Suzuha Amane – Yukari Tamura[Japanese]- Cherami Leigh[English]

Suzuha Amane - Yukari Tamura Japanese- Cherami Leigh English
Suzuha Amane on Humbaa.com

Luka Urushibara – Yū Kobayashi[Japanese] – Lindsay Seidel[English]

Luka Urushibara on Humbaa.com
Luka Urushibara on Humbaa.com

Faris NyanNyan – Haruko Momoi[Japanese]- Jad Saxton[English]

Faris Nyan Nyan on Humbaa.com
Faris NyanNyan on Humbaa.com

Moeka Kiryu – Saori Gotō[Japanese] – Jessica Cavanagh[English]

Moeka Kiryu 1
Moeka Kiryu on Humbaa.com

John Titor – Hiroshi Tsuchida[Japanese] – Patrick Seitz[English]

John Titor on Humbaa.com
John Titor on Humbaa.com

Yugo “Mr.Braun” Tennouji – Masaki Terasoma[Japanese]- Christopher Sabat[English]

Yugo "Mr. Braun" on Humbaa.com
Yugo “Mr. Braun” on Humbaa.com

Nae Tennouji – Ayano Yamamoto[Japanese]- Brina Palencia[English]

Nae Tennouji - on Humbaa.com
Nae Tennouji – on Humbaa.com

Life Lessons From Stein’s Gate

Like much other anime, Steins; Gate teaches us the value of friendship, teamwork, sacrifice. In addition to that, being science fiction, this anime also teaches us a lot about interesting scientific theories such as Butterfly effect, the concept of cause and effect etc.

The way Okarin travels again and again through time in order to save his best friend Mayuri’s life is spell bounding. He had to go through all the hell of watching his friend die right in front of him again and again. He never really gave up on her even after feeling hopeless many times.

This shows his determination to save his friend no matter what. The pain he suffered throughout that time is speechless. He did all things he could do for his friend. His friendship with Mayuri is a great one.

Here ,we learn the value of Friendship.

Now, after losing all hope he had for saving his friend, demotivated, he finally asks for the help of other lab mates, Kurisu. After learning about his tragic misadventures, Kurisu immediately motivates Okarin to work towards the goal rather than weeping in a corner all alone.

If not for her intervention, Okarin might not be able to find a way to save Mayuri. It is their teamwork that helped to find away.

Here, we learn the value of Teamwork.

But at the end when Okarin learns that, in order to save Mayuri, he has to sacrifice his love, Kurisu, he becomes reluctant again and highly demotivated. It is again Kurisu who comes to his rescue.

This time having learned about the situation and the outcome of rescuing Mayuri ( her death), Kurisu decides to sacrifice herself for the sake of Mayuri. This proves her will to sacrifice anything for saving her best friend.

Here, we learn the value of Sacrifice.

At the end, Okarin finds a way (with the help of Suzuha) to save both of his lab mates without any sacrifices. With the help his remaining lab mates, he was able to overcome the worst possible situation.

Rarely some anime teaches us more than we ever wanted.

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