Who exactly is this Brooke Sansone? Together Currently: Charlie Puth and His Current Love Interest

Who is Charlie Puth Current Girlfriend

Brooke Sansone was the current Girlfriend of Charlie Puth.

After fans and tabloids speculated that Brooke Sassone was dating Charlie Puth, they did some investigating and discovered that she really works for the New York City design business Butter and Eggs Interiors in the public relations and digital marketing department.

Sansone has a distinguished academic history, having graduated with a BS in marketing from the College of Charleston in 2021.

And Brooke Sansone can’t get enough of it! Those who follow her on social media saw glimpses of her trips to Italy, Cape Town, Japan, and Vietnam.

Sansone recently published photos of herself where she is seen standing on a balcony while having dinner at the world-famous Café de Flore.

In addition to this, Sansone is a fashionista who manages an Instagram account titled The Closet Next Door.

Broke Sansone

Who is Brooke Sansone?

Who precisely is this Brooke Sansone? It would seem that the popular singer Charlie Puth has found a partner for life. It would seem that the hitmaker behind the song “Attention,” who has been making news recently due to the fact that he has been linked to dating rumours with an unknown lady, was, in fact, telling the truth all along. Because it was Charlie Puth’s 31st birthday, the singer of “See You Again” took to social media to reveal the name of his long-term girlfriend for the first time.

In a previous interview, Charlie Puth was questioned about proposing to his girlfriend, and he stated that even if he does that, the media won’t know about it, and he would go out of his way to make sure that they don’t know! It would seem that the singer has every intention of keeping the facts of the connection, including any more information, out of the public eye.

However, the most recent reveal on social media has already taken place, and followers are now aware of the identity of the mysterious lady! Is she also a singer like herself? What information do we have about her? In order to learn more about Brooke Sansone, let’s investigate all of the specifics, even the information that is less well known.

Is Brooke Sansone dating Charlie Puth?

That’s right, Brooke Sansone and Charlie Puth are an item. Charlie Puth is no longer available for romantic involvement, and the singer himself verified the news. Puth confirmed the news with the lyrics from his song “Loser,” which included a few mushy images of the two.

Fans are eager to learn more about the blossoming romance, but Puth has already dropped hints about it. In October 2022, the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter admitted to Howard Stern that he is in a relationship with someone and is “absolutely in love.” Check out the cute picture shown down below.

The singer known for his single “Attention” and Sansone just confirmed their romance through Instagram on December 2022. Prior to this, there were reports that the two were dating. These suspicions were given a boost when the pair in question was seen in New York City attending the Global Citizen Festival with members of their respective families. At the beginning of the month of July in this year, Sansone came to social media, where she uploaded photographs that she had taken of her family and the family of Charlie Puth while they were on “the cape.”

Both Brooke Sansone and Charlie Puth are from New Jersey, and both of their families are close and grew up together in the same neighbourhood. As a result, it would seem that Charlie Puth and Brooke Sansone have known one other for some time. In an interview that took place in October 2022 on The Howard Stern Show broadcast on SiriusXM, Charlie Puth revealed a few surprising things.

Although the singer did not reveal any names, it is reasonable to assume that he was referring to Brooke when he stated that he is with someone who was a part of the group that he had grown up with. He also stated that it is nice to have someone he has known for a long time by his side and admitted that she has always been very nice to him and that he believes that she would be there for him as well. Although the singer did not take any names, it is reasonable to assume that