Wings of Fire The Journey Discord Server

By | August 3, 2022

Infernal Wings Discord Server for the Journey

The wings of the Inferno We have been labouring over the Journey ever since the year 2019 began.

Roblox users in great numbers are becoming antsy for the release of the new game so that they may get their hands on it for free.

If you want to get started playing the game right now, you may purchase early access to it for the price of 60 Robux.

Wings of the Infernal One Within the context of the role-playing game The Journey, you have the opportunity to play the part of a dragon.

It takes place in a world that is different from our own and has a variety of people, chores, and a narrative mode.

This page contains information on the Wings of Fire. There is a connection to the Journey Discord server, a link to the rules, and a download link for the Roblox version of the game.

Wings of Fire The Journey Discord Server

Can you play Wings of Fire the Journey on Roblox?

The Wings of Fire: The Journey audiobook. The Roblox game might be difficult, therefore the Wiki is here to assist you. Join our community, participate in the conversation, and make new friends. You may contribute to the development of Wings of Fire: The Journey’s website, which is a group effort that you can help improve.

What platform is Wings of Fire the journey on?

Roblox’s newest dragon game, Wings of Fire (The Journey), is currently in development. Beginning in 2020, it will be based on the Wings of Fire novel series.

Is there a Wings of Fire game on Roblox?

Wiki for the Roblox game Wings of Fire! This is the official Wings of Fire wiki for the Roblox game, and it includes all of the most important information for both new and veteran players. With more than thirty pages, there is a great deal to read, look at, and take pleasure in! The game is now available for early access, and we will be updating all of the articles as the game progresses.

Game link for Wings of Fire The Journey

The URL to Wings of Fire’s game. The game is Wings of Fire: Early Access at

You must pay 60 Robux to get access to the early access version of the game using this link.

It will be possible to play the game for free once it is no longer under early access.

Infernal Wings You’ll need a Roblox account if you want to play The Journey.

Creating a Roblox account is required before you can play.

Click on the game link once you’ve registered an account.

Wings of Fire The Journey Discord server rules

Discussing blacklisted people/topics.
Posting troll/fake copypastas.
Hate comments/hate speech.

Staff impersonation/mini-modding.
Failure to put content warnings on sensitive media (such as flashing lights, loud videos, etc.).
DM advertising.
Channel misuse.

Direct bullying or hazing – respect everyone equally.
Mentioning slurs or derogatory names/terms.
Spamming or flooding needlessly in any channel.
Discussing, partaking, and/or starting drama.
Offending others deliberately and/or attempting to get a reaction out of people.
Debating sensitive topics (such as politics, controversial views/opinions, etc.).
Posting or mentioning NSFW/suggestive content.
Violence or gore without a spoiler and trigger warning.

Threatening members (blackmail, doxing, etc.).
Ban evasion.

Wings of Fire The Journey Discord server link

The Wings of Fire The Journey Discord server link is

At this very moment, there are over 30,000 users connected to the server.

Wings of the Infernal One The Journey is an invention of the Talons of Peace, who are also responsible for its production (ToP).

This particular server provides access to a wide variety of channels, some of which include #announcements, #chat, and #game-suggestions, amongst others.

You are welcome to join the server in order to get information on the progress of the development process, to ask questions, or to give recommendations about how the game may be improved.

In order to use all of the features offered by the server, you will need to first authenticate yourself using Bloxlink.

Simply typing “/verify” will get you started with the verification procedure.

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