Anupama written update 18 November 2022

By | November 29, 2022

Anupama written update

Today on 18 november 2022 we will discuss about Anupama Written Update. Let’s start!

Anupama 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Blames Anupama

The Shahs have returned. Vanraj makes a call to Pakhi and informs her that she has not answered his call. He accuses Anupama of fabricating a story and then instructing them over and over again to put up a good performance.

Hasmukh inquires as to what he did the day before by asking what he did. Vanraj claims that it was, but if that’s the case, then why did Anupama and Anuj bring Pakhi home if they can’t deal with her juvenile behavior?

Kavya begs him not to label Pakhi’s mistakes as childishness, explaining that Pakhi had gone beyond her limitations, which is why Anupama had to take such a drastic action. Samar claims that it was difficult for her mother.

Kinjal encourages them to put themselves in Anupama’s shoes and consider how she must feel. Vanaj inquires about Pakhi, whose own mother called off the wedding she was planning and evicted her from the family home.

Leela advises him to quit blaming Anupama for what happened to Pakhi since it was important to give Pakhi a lesson; Pakhi was soaring too high and would realize her error after enduring the trials that are happening now.

The conversation comes to a close with Little Anu asking Anuj and Anupama whether they would pick her up again. Anupama cautions her not to let her emotions get the best of her since they will be back soon. Anupama’s sari gets caught on a gate. Their vehicle is passed by a jeep.

Anupama written update
Anupama written update 18 November 2022
Anupama written update 18 November 2022

Anupama 18th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The wedding has put a lot of strain on Anupama, so she begs Anuj to take her away. Little Anu, however, cannot miss her school camp because of the nuptials. Anuj asserts that camp is still in session, so he and his companions plan to leave Little Anu there before departing.

The stress in Anupama’s life has gotten the best of her, and she needs some quiet time. Adhik and Pakhi check into a hotel, and he inquires as to whether he should place an order for her.

Pakhi continues to sob, saying that Anupama should have taken her to a room to remedy her mistake instead of slapping and humiliating her in front of everyone as she usually does whenever she had an issue with her.

Adhik claims he is often in the dark, but that Pakhi is at fault this time. Pakhi claims that Anupama should have disciplined her rather than sent her packing, asking what type of parents they are to abandon their kid on the street while they live it up in a palace.

Anupama written update Adhik tells Pakhi that she is now Pakhi Adhik Mehta

Adhik tells Pakhi that she is now Pakhi Adhik Mehta, that after marriage, one stays at the in-place law’s and not the parent’s place, that the Shah house is her parent’s house and that the Kapadia house is just where they happened to be staying and that it was Anupama and Anuj’s greatness that they let us stay in their house, and that she should stop thinking that she is a Kapadia bahu. He loves her very much and

What happened after the next morning In Anupama Written Update?

The next morning, Anu picks up a family selfie with her parents and sees that it has been damaged. In order to take more pictures, Anuj thinks they may do so while traveling.

Anu, the youngest, packs her belongings. Ankush says good morning to Anuj and Anupama and inquires as to whether or not they have any plans for the day. After taking Little Anu to school camp, Anuj claims they will take a holiday.

Adhik agrees that it’s wonderful, as a respite was necessary. Anupama phones Barkha and claims she needed to accomplish something urgent before leaving. Ankush claims that she has departed for Mumbai to attend to urgent business.

Anupama claims that Barkha instigated Sweety, and that if Sweety is kicked out of the home, then neither Barkha nor anybody else has any business being here.

In the later part of Anupama Written Update is

Anuj apologizes to Ankush and tells him that they did their best to keep the family together, but one can’t clap with one hand, people shouldn’t misuse other’s goodness, they all need a break, GK is going to a Somnath pilgrimage, and they are going on a trip, so Barkha and Ankush should find a place for themselves before they return.

Anuj says that they will try their best to keep the family together in the future Anupama expresses her regret and explains that stepping away from certain relationships might help them heal. Ankush tells Anuj and Anupama that they would be leaving this residence before they return, and he apologizes for any errors that may have been made, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Anuj maintains that there is no need for doing so. Anupma makes contact with his feet. Anuj tears while holding him and adds that even though they are physically apart, their hearts would always be together. He gives another embrace with a lot of feeling. Ankush requests to leave at this time.

Adhik, who was waiting at the entrance, greeted everyone with a good morning and said that he had come to get Pakhi’s phone. Anupama claims that she requested them to leave her home, but that they are welcome to pay her frequent visits. Ankush walks into Anupama’s home and asks whether or not he may address her as “mummy,” given that she is Ankush’s mother-in-law. Anupama nods her head in agreement and then inquires about the accommodations. According to Ankush, the two of them have checked into a hotel for the time being and will locate a home in the near future. He asks Anuj for a pay raise and time off so that he may look for a new place to live. Anuj nods his head in agreement and explains that they can get some more funds if necessary. Adhik claims that he does not need a loan and can get by with his wage alone. Anupama has high expectations that Pakhi would change now that she is spending time with Adhik. Adhik expresses his gratitude before departing. Ankush takes the family portrait for Anuj. The photograph has been ruined in the camera’s view.

When Pakhi finds out that Anupama is planning to take a vacation soon

When Pakhi finds out that Anupama is planning to take a vacation soon after evicting her daughter from the family home, she immediately begins ranting and swearing at her. Ankush implores her to take a deep breath and reminds her that this is their life and they have the freedom to do anything they want.

He tells her that they are going to go check out some properties, so she has to get dressed. She eagerly inquires as to whether or not they will be purchasing a home. He claims that he can pay the rent on a house right now, but that in the future he will own a home.

She claims that she will not stay in any arbitrary location and has already made her lodging arrangements. He inquires as to where.

She believes that Anupama acted inappropriately by causing her kid to weep, therefore she is going to make Anupama cry right now and force her to apologize when she gets back from her vacation.

Anupama glances at the home temple as she prepares to go on a trip and is overcome with anxiety as a result. Anuj is seen loading suitcases into his vehicle while muttering, “Let’s leave.” The lights in the temple flicker.

Vanraj informs his mother and father that he is going to bring Pakhi back to their house. Leela cautions him to refrain from bringing her back home so that she may gain wisdom from her experience. Vanraj brings up the fact that she had had feelings of remorse after Hasmukh had booted him out of the home. Leela admits that the incident made her feel terrible, but Vanraj was able to grow as a result of it.

Hasmukh encourages Vanraj to put Pakhi’s safety out of his mind. Vanraj claims that he is not a cruel parent like Anupama, who drove her daughter out of the home while she went on a trip herself, and he contrasts himself with Anupama.

When they are all going back to their routine, Kavya questions what is wrong with it and how Anupama can be considered a horrible mother.

She is asked by Vanraj to withdraw her support for Anupama. Kavya advises him to quit blaming Anupama since Pakhi is getting what she sowed.

Leela tells Kavya that he is correct and cautions him from communicating with Pakhi for a few days. Hasmukh advises that Anupama be allowed to spend at least two days outside in the fresh air.

Anuj leaves the home in his vehicle and drives away. Anupama sees a Stop transport business truck idling in front of the gate and realizes it has broken down.

The watchman claims that it will be made safe very soon. Anu, the little one, has expressed her regret about having to leave camp. Anupama assures her that there is no reason for concern since Anuj would pick her up at the appointed hour.

Anuj recognizes that she is anxious and reassures her that everything will be OK. The truck is being hauled away.