This episode was sure one of the explosive episode of Black Clover.

Black Clover anime series entered in Spade Kingdom arc and since then the anime is giving it’s best in every episode.

Recap of Previous episode 161

Golden Dawn’s headquarters was attacked by Zenon, one of the Dark Triad, who is currently ruling over the Spade Kingdom and his two subordinates whose power levels were at stage zero. Yuno, who went to his home village to meet a man who escaped from the spade kingdom to inform Yuno that Yuno is the Prince of Spade Kingdom.

As soon as he got the message that Golden Dawn’s headquarters was under attack, he immediately rushed there with his wind magic.

The subordinates proved to be too powerful for even the squad members of Golden Dawn, who was considered the best squad in the Clover Kingdom but were wiped out.

Meanwhile Zenon was headed to capture the squad captain of Golden Dawn.

This scene of the massacre of his comrades made Yuno crazy and with the help of spirit dive, the strongest ability of Yuno, he defeated both the subordinates

Yuno In Spirit Dive Mode
Yuno In Spirit Dive Mode

But even for Yuno, Zenon was far superior in terms of power and was defeated by Zenon of Dark Triad with a sword made of Zenon’s magic power, bones of the devil.

After Zenon left with the unconscious squad captain, the headquarters was left in ruins and all the members including Yuno were at verge of death but soon the world tree magic, members who were at verge of death were healed but unfortunately few of them were already dead.

Synopsis of episode 162

The episode starts with Dante of Dark Triad talking with his host devil lucifero about Yami, captain of the magic squad Black Bull meanwhile Vanica of Dark Triad was prepared to attack the Heart Kingdom where Noelle, mimosa, loropechika and other members who were talking about charmy’s recent gluttonous behaviour. 

Noelle, mimosa, loropechika and other members in heart kingdom
Noelle, mimosa, loropechika and other members in heart kingdom

Asta and finral went back to their hideout, black bull headquarters with souvenirs for his squad members but his captain Yami wasn’t there at that time.

Soon Dante of the Dark Triad appeared and started attacking Black Bull headquarters. Asta, Gauche, Vanessa and Grey prepared for a counter-attack with Henry transforming the hideout into combat mode.

Dante of the Dark Triad
Dante of the Dark Triad

Dante crushed all the members with his magic ability gravity and stabbed gauche.

Only Asta’s attacks were not crushed because the attacks were made of anti-magic but Dante dodged all the attacks of Asta and by stabbing Gauche, Dante made asta lose control of himself meanwhile Dante asked Lucifero about devil possessing Asta and according to Lucifero, the devil possessing Asta is some low-ranking devil about which they don’t need to fear. Asta continued his rampage in his Berserk form by attacking Dante and episode ended

Dante talking with lucifero
Dante talking with lucifero

Preview of next episode 163 Black Clover – Dante vs Captain of Black Clover

The preview shows Yami arriving at the scene of battle and Vanessa and Grey surprised by a light and possibly some flashbacks of Grey before joining Black Bull.

About Black clover

Asta and Yuno born in a village in the boonies in the forsaken realm strived to become Wizard King, the strongest magic knight in the whole kingdom. Yuno was born with natural talent and blessed with immense magic power rivalling the royals but Asta didn’t even have an ounce of magic power but through his hard work and efforts he trained his body and after being possessed by the devil he got Anti-Magic ability and he showed the world that even peasants can become Magic knight. Later they both made to the separate magic knight squad and are still striving to become Wizard King.

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