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Mihai gave a task to Kabane, Shiki and Akira to investigate a certain company. Shiki discovered 3 mosquito kemono who were involved and they were killing the workers at the company. After discovering this Shiki thought that he should go for now but Mihai wasn’t convinced and wanted to play. So he hit the wall with his remote toy car which gave the location of Shiki who waa hiding and got discovered by one of the Kemono. Shiki frozen in fear couldn’t move so Mihai helped him a little by electrocuting that mosquito Kemono with his toy car

Kemono Jihen Episode 6 synopsis

Episode starts with Shiki who was frozen in fear was thinking about how he’s deathly afraid of scary things and he somewhat remembered living with his mom when he waw a kid but couldn’t remember how he got seperated from his parents, so he thought that something absolutely terrifying must have happened because of which he couldn’t remember how he got seperated.

Shiki with her mom

Meanwhile Mihai told Kabane and Akira about the situation, so Kabane and Akira rushed towards Shiki but were stopped by one of the mosquito Kemono but Kabane instantly defeated her.

Kabane wins

Mihai told Shiki that his junior, Kabane already defeated one mosquito Kemono whereas he was frozen in fear and if Kabane saw how scared his senior is then what impression it’d leave on Kabane. Listening this Shiki got some courage and immobilised that kemono with his silk web and soon Kabane and Akira also joined him.

Shiki wins

All three were discussing about going back and reporting this but another mosquito Kemono came from behind and offered the boys, either to leave silently and not to tell about this to anyone or get killed. Kabane told that it’s not possible to just turn blind eye to this situation and told her that he’ll will defeat her.

That Kemono easily overpowered Kabane and knocked out Shiki and Akira. Seeing this Kabane thought that if he’s defeated here then all 3 of them would definitely die. Mihai told Kabane that if he wants to defeat that kemono then he’ll have to use his own Kemono strength and to do this he’ll need to follow his instincts. This awakened hidden power of Kabane and he defeated that Kemono.

Kabane awakens
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Meanwhile another boy came to scene who worked for Inari, the police chief and told Kabane that he’ll handle this mess and burnt the bodies of those kemono and also told Kabane that Inari still hasn’t given on his life stone and she won’t take it by force as she doesn’t want to upset Inugami but she’ll wait until Kabane himself is ready to give that lifestone.Kabane asked him that why he was telling all this to him, to which he replied that he doesn’t like Inari.

After the boys came back to office, Shiki was being treated who was still unconscious and at night Kabane got suddenly worried about Shiki and Akira and went to see if they were alive by checking their heartbeat. At morning this annoyed Shiki about how Kabane was clinging to him and caring for him as if Kabane was his mom.

After this Kabane remembered that yesterday he promised Kon that he’d come by midnight to Kon who was waiting for him at the park. So he went to meet her where that new boy who worked for Inari was watching Kabane from the shadows and the episode ended

Kabane being watched

Kemono Jihen Episode 7 Release Date and time and Preview

Kemono Jihen Episode 7 is scheduled to release on Sunday February 21. This episode is titled ‘Home‘.

About Kemono Jihen:

Is Kemono Jihen worth watching? Yes, absolutely. If you’re into supernatural and shonen and love the quality animation then it’s definitely worth watching.

What does Kemono Jihen means? Kemono Jihen means ‘Monster Incidents’

Kemono Jihen Anime series is based on manga series of same name by author Shō Aimoto. The show premiered in Japan on January 10, 2021.
Set up in modern Japan, there are beings from the times of yore who lurk in the world’s shadow, involved with humans, but undetected by them. Generally they don’t involve themselves directly with humans but recently some have gotten more deeply involved than necessary causing bizarre phenomena all over. The main protagonist of the show is Kabane and was about to be eliminated by Inugami who got this mission but since Inugami himself was a Kemono he knew the hardship of Kabane who was abandoned. Inugami asked if he wanted to meet his parents and in return he only have to join his group.

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