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By | November 19, 2021

Who is Totouchanemu?

We know that TikTok is a revolutionary application. Though in some countries like India, TikTok is banned due to political issues. But lots of TikTok alternatives are born after that.

In the United States Of America, TikTok is the fastest growing due to its unique, powerful algorithms and making new records.

A man who dances is now one of TikTok’s most-liked videos. The star of the video was very surprised because he thought no one liked it.

Who is David C Allen? 

ToTouchAnEmu Tiktok star is a professional wedding photographer. David loves animals and owns a cat. He is a cat lover. He has millions of followers on Instagram, Twitch and Tiktok.

He is known as a ToTouchAnEmu drone man.

How many followers does ToTouchAnemu have on Tiktok?

David C Allen has a massive fan following on TikTok day by day; his fan base increases rapidly.

Currently, his channel on TikTok consists of about 8.8 Million subscribers, and he is getting massive likes on each video.

Totouchanemu Tiktok
Totouchanemu Tiktok

How many likes does ToTouchAnEmu have on TikTok?

David C Allen getting tons of likes compared to his following; he is on the list of the most liked person on TikTok.

His total channel likes are about 159.4 million. This is gigantic likes on his accounts.

Which are the most liked videos of ToTouchAnEmu?

I like his videos as he is a talented person. After the smashing hit “Stay” by Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber, he gets lots of fan following.

He got the inspiration from the @maxtaylorlifts, this beautiful lady enjoying the song stay and dancing and shaking herself.

David Allen instantly captured the idea, and as a professional wedding photographer, he made a dumpy-shaking video with his drone. And rest is history.

Currently, he has about 44 million likes on his video and about 666.5 lakh shares.

Which are the most viewed videos of ToTouchAnEmu?

The kid laroi and Justin Bieber stay the most viewed video of Totouchanemu.

He got about 312.1 million views on his videos.

After that, he shoots that song with many eminent peoples on TikTok:

@drphil and David c Allen vibed so hard.

@ironsanctuary a powerful man

@danpovernmire who is the co-creator of Phineas and Ferb and voice of Dr Doofenshmirtz


@happykelli happy Kelli and David performed together. Kelli Erdmann is rapidly gaining popularity with her amazing happy videos. She has about 3.7 million TikTok subscribers and about 53.2 million likes.

@itsdanielmac He also performed with the founder and CEO of “What to do you do for a living” currently, he has about 11.9 million TikTok subscribers.

@Cheech&chong this channel has about 5.2 million subscribers

Who is David Allen, aka Totouchanemu girlfriend?

David Allen’s girlfriend’s name is Jessica Bird; she is a Chemist and future pharmacist and loves to play video games.

As you see, totouchanemu and Jessica’s chemistry is unbeatable.

Her Instagram handle is @JessBird18 Jessica bird currently has about 723 followers. She calls herself an introvert.

Networth of Totouchanemu?

David C Allens, net worth is approximately 520$ thousand. As a professional wedding photographer and a social media influencer, he is earning a lot.

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