What is a Podcast?

By | December 15, 2021
What is a Podcast

We will introduce how podcasts are becoming more popular and come up with some good examples of podcasts, you can use in the classroom in 2022.

A podcast is like an online radio show that can be listened to on almost any device (smartphones, laptops, or MP3 players). While traditional radio broadcasts are one-way, with the presenter talking and listeners tuning in, podcasts allow for a two-way conversation. This makes them great tools for learning, as they can help to improve communication skills.

What is a Podcast
What is a Podcast

How Podcasts Can Help In The Classroom

Podcasts offer a range of benefits for students and teachers in the classroom. They can be used as part of a lesson or simply to keep students engaged and entertained while they work. The key benefit is that they’re an alternative to TV and offer children something more constructive to do during their free time (for example, at the bus stop).

Podcasts for kids:

– Can help with English and vocabulary building.

– Can be used to improve listening skills.

– Encourage children to become more confident speakers by allowing them to practice their pronunciation.

– Help students establish fluency in the language they are learning (in addition, podcasts can also help with other subjects, such as maths and Science).

Listening to podcasts at school:

– Can help to improve speaking and listening skills.

– Encourage children to engage in activities that promote creativity and imagination as they focus on the story being told, rather than passively watching a video.

– Are more engaging than traditional listening exercises (such as ‘listen and write’).

– Allow students to gain an insight into the culture of native speakers in a way that doesn’t feel like learning.

– Can be used to engage students in activities related to subjects they are studying in class.

Podcasts can play an important role in the learning process, providing children with the opportunity to improve their language skills and learn about different cultures. Podcasts for kids are nothing new , but they are a great learning tool and a far more constructive alternative to playing video games.

List of 10 Safe Podcasts for Kids and Schools in 2022

We will now list 10 example podcasts that could be used in the classroom.

1. Story Pirates

2. Storytime with Sue

3-5. My Little Stories (with Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Hamilton)

6. Storytime with Miss Bluebelle

7-9. I’m a Martian (with special guest Eric Carles)

10. The Pickle Patch Kids Podcast!

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List of Free Popular Podcasts for children

1. “Circle Round” from NPR is great for ages 4-10 and has featured stories like “The Girl Who Drew Butterflies,” “The Three Little Pigs: The Piggy Bank Adventure,” and “The Day the Crayons Quit.”

2. Another favorite of ours is “Story Pirates,” which is great for ages 6-12. Some of their most popular episodes include “The Throwing Game,” “The Mermaid and the Monster,” and “Super Submarine.”

3. If you’re looking for something a little bit spookier, try out “Tumble” from Science Friday. It’s perfect for ages 8-12 and covers topics like “The cat that survived the Civil War,” “A spy in the animal kingdom,” and “Tales of glowing animals.”

4. “Prairie Home Companion for Kids” is great for children ages 4-10. Our favorite episodes include “Grandparents Who Don’t Like Grandchildren,” “Animal Jokes,” and “Poems for People.”

5. “Wow in the World” from NPR is perfect for ages 5-12 and covers topics like “What are black holes?” “How do scientists study the lives of ancient animals?” and “What happens when you touch a lightning bolt?”

6. For something a little more lighthearted, try out “The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd.” It’s great for ages 6-12 and covers topics like “The Mysterious Giant Cauliflower,” “The Terrible Toothache,” and “The Day the Moon Was Gone.”

7. If you’re looking for something with a little more action, try out “Storynory.” Our favorites include “The Three Musketeers,” “The Little Mermaid,” and “King Arthur.”

8. If you’d like something a little more educational, try out “Super Science Friends.” It’s great for ages 6-12 and covers topics like “The Origin of Life,” “The Invention of the Electric Lightbulb,” and “The Moon Landing.”

9. If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit more hands-on, try out “Stories from the Field.” It’s great for ages 6-12 and covers topics like “The Day I Met a Dinosaur,” “Mystery of the Maya Ruins,” and “The Day I Became a Superhero.”

10. If you’re looking for something a little bit more global, try out “Backyard World.” It’s great for ages 6-12 and covers topics like “The Day I Met a Mexican Farmer,” “The Day I Met an Indian Princess,” and “The Day I Met a Japanese Samurai.”

We hope that you enjoy these safe and educational podcasts for your children! As always, be sure to supervise your children while they are listening. And most importantly, have fun!