What is mean by IMY

Basically IMY stands for I miss you. As a short form. Almost used as when you thinking about someone and you’re not able to meet them, often used in a text , messages.

Definition of IMY

Distance teaches us to appreciate the days that we are able to spend together and distance teaches us to the definition of patience it is the reminder of every moment together is special every second together should be cherished.

Meaning of IMY
Meaning of IMY

I Miss you”

Google stated by “IMY” has been searching most frequently in the US. The group of people really began to rise on the web in 2004, then after “IMY” is more quite famous and popular. And now this COVID 19 pandemic period everyone is missing their loved ones while texting them and making songs.

Use of IMY

‘I Miss you berry much’ this is a cute form of missing someone. The short form most probably understood by a new generation (youngsters) but not all of them can understand because it’s most likely used in Instagram, text and Messenger.

Here are 3 proper ways to say I miss you.

~ The heart has its reasons, which reason knows not I miss you;

~when I eat dumplings, I remember you in white dress looking so pretty I miss you.

~ why I can’t have you I miss you.

The geek speak is not finite to close interconnection you can also use to your close friends whom you are not seen and spoke a long period of time.

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