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“IMY” vs “ILY”

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What is IMY and ILY?

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IMY” stands for I miss you and “ILY” stands for I love you. The ‘love’ is adorable to hear and it has deep meaning, therefore both are not similar so you have to think before you speak and said I love you instead of I miss you.

We generally write “I miss you” to our loved ones only. Like if you are missing your brother who you haven’t seen in like months. So, if you text him that “I miss you “, that’s because you love your brother and you care for him.

Many times, we text our lovers that we miss them, does show that we love them and we want them so we also use ‘I love you’.

I miss you means I love you

If there’s anyone who has never miss somebody and sometimes this could be such a significant feeling in our life too long for somebody that we have lost or long somebody who’s moved away or we have apart from maybe something happened in the relationship that separated you when you think about missing someone you about being separated you are not whole anymore like you are lost and you can’t get back.

If you Miss someone that means you love them.
There was something important connection between you two.
You can’t stop thinking about them whenever something makes you remember about them,
the things or memories of the person which is very precious to you.

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